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Hey Santa, If You Have Some Time …

By Staff | Dec 23, 2015

With Christmas just a few days away, I wanted to get my Christmas list to a few of my fellow workers, coaches and players that I deal with on a weekly basis.

First I would like for Good Old Saint Nick to bring the Wetzel Chronicle staff a box-full of goodies, not just the kind that you eat, but the patience to be able to trust in one another to do the right thing in putting out a quality paper.

Sometimes, sending out everything that we wanted to put in the paper like stories, pictures and advertising hasn’t gone the way we hoped it would.

Somehow we can’t each get on the same page so that we can get the right stuff where we wanted it to go. So please dear old St. Nick, help us get out a quality paper each and every week.

To Brian, our CEO, I would like you to bring him a huge bottle of aspirin and the patience needed to put up with all the stuff he faces day-in and day-out.

To our secretary, Diann, please bring her a crystal ball so that she knows where everyone is so as to be able to get a hold of them.

To our editor, Kayla, please bring her a magic wand so she can be able to fix things at a moment’s notice. Also, I would like her to be able to enjoy the holiday and to be able to find her inner voice to sing along with Lauren and I during the holiday season.

To Lauren, I wish Santa can get her another staff writer to help her with all the stuff she does and a CD player to be able to listen to music while working.

To Victoria, Jessica, Ed and Miles at the Tyler Star News – a float that they can ride during next year’s Halloween Parade in Sistersville.

Now for most of my coaches, I would like for all my smaller schools like Paden City, Valley and Hundred the numbers to be able to compete on a daily basis against the bigger Class-A schools in the state.

To the 2015 state champions – Blue Eagles boys’ basketball and football teams – I offer a thank-you from me for being able to bring our readers into your journey with print. It was a pleasure and an honor to report on your success in 2015. However, I want Santa to give you the ingredient to be able to repeat in 2016.

To the Magnolia girls’ basketball team – I ask Santa to give you another shot at the sectional and regional championship and a trip to Charleston. And to the boys’ wrestling team – Santa please grant them another OVAC Championship and a state champion.

To Dave Cisar and the baseball team – I ask Santa for another solid season with lots of excitement and another trip to the promise land. And Santa, if you could, please sneak in a pair of Pittsburgh Penguin tickets in the coach’s stocking.

To the the soccer and cheerleading squads – I wish for a coach that will be around for a long time so as to be able to build a solid team that can compete with the big boys and girls.

To all the coaches at my my old homing grounds, I ask Santa for a solid season in all sports. To my readers of the sports pages, I want to give a big thank-you for your encouragement that you have shown me these past 14 years at the Wetzel Chronicle.

Last but not least to my new sports editor Bubba Kapral, I would like St. Nick to bring him a sports car with all the bells and whistles. Maybe if Santa can get that for him, he might want to send me to cover a Steelers and a Penguins game.