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Community Strong In Its Support

By Staff | Dec 8, 2015

Photo by Bruce Crawford Cheelerleaders show their support for the Magnolia football team on Saturday at Wheeling Island Stadium.

The Magnolia Blue Eagles put on a dazzling display of high school football before a large turnout Saturday night at Wheeling Island Stadium.

Riding throughout most of the season as the No. 1-ranked Class A team, the Eagles proved their point with a 62-0 win against No. 2-ranked East Hardy.

The Big Blue machine got things going early and put on a show of its talent and confirm that football is alive and well in New Martinsville. Under the leadership of head coach Josh Sims and a staff made up of the likes of Doc Chapman and crew, the Blue Eagles turned a disappointing 4-6 season into a record-setting state championship team with a 14-0 record.

Fans from New Martinsville and around the area converged on Wheeling to watch the top two Class A teams battle it out for the title. While some may have left disappointed, it certainly wasn’t so for the Wetzel County faithful. While many worried about the New Martinsville Christmas parade stealing some of the glory, it was not to be.

Magnolia’s players, coaches, fans and followers have much to be proud of. They showed great sportsmanship, they coached with respect, they played magnificently and they cheered loud and long. The seniors led by example and set the stage for many years to come. The community came together, as always, and that’s what makes the difference and sets New Martinsville apart from other areas. Ex-coaches, ex-players, the police force, ministers of faith, business people and faithful fans were all in attendance – that’s the kind of support that makes a community great. Win or lose, you stick behind your own.

After playing in rain and mud the previous two weeks, it was perfect football weather Saturday. No slipping or sliding, no wet and slippery balls, no rain beating you in the face, just great conditions. Magnolia took advantage of it all, and showed the entire state why the Eagles deserve to be state champs.

There were outstanding sophomores and juniors on the field, they want that championship-game experience. Senior players who will never ever don a Blue Eagle football uniform again, leave them play. They have a tradition to keep and an example to set for the younger ones.

Call it what you will, but Chase Street, Tyler Anderson, Nick Priem, Kyle Ritz, Brooks Parsons, Peau Halahingano, Drew Lemasters, Troy Bougher, the rest of the offense and the entire Magnolia defense, stood tall, through the close ones with Weir, Williamstown and Moorefield you came through and with that there is no doubt.