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Giving Other Players A Little Love

By Staff | Nov 25, 2015

Featured in this week’s paper are a couple names that don’t get the highlights game in and game out as much as the quarterbacks and running backs do.

This week I want to mention a few. The first being Hunter Cain of Valley (Wetzel), a multi-sports athlete. He just completed his season season of football for the Lumberjacks. Cain, a senior, won the Players of the Week honors back on week Oct. 28. He caught two passes for 90 yards and a touchdown, while galloping for 20 yards on an end-around to help keep the Lumberjacks playoff hopes alive with a 35-28 victory over Doddridge and kicked five PATs.

In his two-year career, Cain has caught 55 passes for 1,542 yards and scored 19 touchdowns. Every time he caught the ball he made things happen, with a 28.2 yards a catch average. He was second in the valley last year in receiving in his first season of organized

ball, and was again one of the best receivers in the Ohio Valley again this season.

Also from the Lumberjacks, Kale Lloyd and Dusty Lowe were right there doing most of the tackling and quarterback hurries and sacks. With football being a team sport, it likely many different players could be the guy running the ball, passing the ball kicking the ball, catching the ball and tackling the ball, but thats why we have coaches to put the right players to do that work.

However, the other guys must do their jobs as well for that guy to be able to their job. That is teamwork. We have that here in the Wetzel County area. (Loads of unselfish players) Across the bridge, we have many unsung heroes, starting with tight-end Craig Hupp and linemen Tyce Felton, Cody Saksa and Luke Matusick, and trickle down to Collin Huffman, Dakota Smith and Drew Wagnild, as Lukas Isaly and Joey Flannery was the main guys offensively all season.

At Paden City, it was a Hayden Hizer, Luke Cooper, and Aaron Heasley show most weeks, but guys like Deven Price, Logan Carroll, Zach Yeater, Daulton Schultheis and Rander Amos continued to plug away through injuries to help keep the Wildcats into ball games.

Out at Hundred, it was Andrew King doing this, and Andrew King doing that. But it was special guys like Tyler Norris, Hunter Goff, Justin Pletcher that were unsung heros.

Now at Magnolia, you have guys like Tyler Anderson, Chase Street and Nick Priem getting most of the headlines. But, these other guys like Troy Boughner, who has kicked 48-58 PATs, Peau Halahingano, Brandon Mason, Brooks Parsons, Jared Kacor, Todd Lemasters and Kyle Ritz that has all chipped in with quality games. But, we must not forget the guys in the trenches like, Mile Hostetler, Hunter Brill, Zach Haught, Joe Ledergerber, Paden McConaughey and Carter Seckman that do their job quite well so Anderson, Street and Priem can do theirs.

I think I covered most of the guys, but, there is always somewhere that slips by and to them I’m sorry. The assistant coaches also don’t get their due and they don’t care either. They are that the spotlight should be given to the playmakers, and to focus on team. Our area coaches stresses that teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful that I have a beautiful wife, and four beautiful grandchildren to go along with my three boys, two daughter in-laws and another coming in May.

To the staff at the Wetzel Chronicle and the Tyler Star News, keep on plugging it will only get better. And, to the coaching staff and players on the Magnolia football

team, and our readers of the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News, thank you for your patronage.