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The Net Product – Week of Nov. 4

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Well, it is hard to believe, but the post-season has arrived. It has been a great ride once again. A season full of joy and a season where we realized that we are blessed to have had a chance to coach such wonderful young ladies. So who do you turn to talk to for help this time of the year? I don’t know about other coaches, but I’m turning to the Heavens.

Dear Lord, forgive me for not attending church as regularly as I should here recently. I’m very tired as I’m trying to run a large middle school, coach 14 girls and do so much more. Sorry, of course You know that. And yes that is an excuse. Excuses are not allowed in Knights Volleyball so I promise no more excuses. I will be there Sunday. Not to ask for any post season favors, but to honor you, draw strength (and I need it) from those around me and perhaps see Kerstyn Cline, Sydney Reed, or Kylee Evans Reed, some of our graduated volleyball girls.

God, I appreciate Your walking with me this year and I know for certain that You have carried me at times. No footprints in the sand, but I did notice just one set of footprints on the dirty gym floor more than once. You are the real captain of Knights Volleyball. And nice job winning the coin tosses. Five in a row! Lord, our girls love you very much. Before every match they hold hands and say Your prayer with passion. And whenever they make a great play, they never point to the sky. I think they realize that you care for all volleyball girls and it is not a priority of yours to help them make great plays or determine who wins or loses. But I do think they try hard to make you proud in many ways. Father please look after Mr. Charlie Ebert. Charlie had knee replacement surgery and is so concerned about the older folks on his garbage route. He also frequently asks about our volleyball team: “Good team again this year, Coach?” I also have Mr. Carl Harnish, the legendary volleyball coach at PHS, in my prayers as You know. You called his son to be with You and Carl will need You for comfort as the days pass. I would also like to ask that come Monday night, perhaps you could part the clouds and allow Mr. John Eckels the chance to watch our girls play. Whenever Mrs. Summers or I would see him, he would ask how the volleyball team looked, and for his entire life was an avid supporter of all high school athletics, regardless if the teams were winning or not. I think he would enjoy watching again. Lord, one of our biggest supporters has not been well enough to be with us this year. Please guide and strengthen Mr. Dave Hooley so that he can be with us in the post-season and perhaps return to being our clock keeper next year.

Father, I realize that through You all things are possible. Please be with all the young athletes this year as they take part in competition. Remind them about sportsmanship, the importance of following rules, respecting authority, setting goals and so much more. Along those lines, please be with all coaches the way You have been with me. Coaches simply want to help young people but need the strength that only You can provide as they deal with many, many issues that can be difficult.

Lord, thank You for sending that kind, soft-spoken man to talk with me at the Halloween Parade. He offered very kind words and much encouragement with regards to coaching. I told him that he was a gift from God and the words that he/you offered came at a perfect time and were greatly appreciated by the coaches of Knights Volleyball.

God, the season is winding down. I have no clue what lies ahead but please know that we have tried our best and do appreciate your giving us the opportunity to help our girls in even the smallest of ways. Is there volleyball in Heaven? I suspect so, as it is a wonderful tool to implement many of your philosophies. Sign us up. I will have a great knee and hip again and will play or coach if needed. And I bet Mrs. Summers can even serve a volleyball in Heaven.

If you read this and the Knights won on Monday then the girls will play at Tyler in the Regionals. The winner goes to Charleston. Game time is 6 p.m.