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Being on A Team Is Like Being In a Family

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

Family is defined as a social unit of two or more persons who share the same goals and values, having long-term commitments to one another.

Many people, like myself, also consider close friends, fellow workers and church members as a different kind of family, but still use the concept of sharing the same goals and values.

At work and at church, we all share the same goals and values to make us a family. This also is true in sports. First, you have a coach in charge, who prepares you for the games. He or she must have you mentally as well as physically ready to play. Each player will have their own responsibilities to undertake.

If one of your family members don’t do what he or she is required to do to make sure you can reach your goal, someone else will need to step up and fill in. In football, 11 players make up the playing field at one time. That is a lot of people all trying to do their best, but sometimes your best isn’t enough, because the guys on the other side are trying to do the same.

They also are a family with the same values and goals, that being to win. Some do it with class and honesty, but some will do it their own way and not worry about their family members, and how it may affect them and the rest of the family members. Just your immediate family.

Before you head out, think. Am I ready to do what is right? Am I prepared? Or do I need to prepare a little more for the task that I’m to do. Can I trust my teammates to do their job? Do they have my back if I fall?

We all can use help. If we are not sure what do to do, ask for help.

Your family is always there for you. Friends come and go, but family should always be there. Some don’t and they have their own agenda. I believe my brother and sister know that to be true in our family.

When someone has different values and goals, it’s up to the coach to make sure you understand the game, as well as in life, there are consequences.

In our neck of the woods, we are very fortunate we have the coaches, that helps prepare our kids for the game, as well as being a model citizen well after school.

These coaches also have families, and must still be a father or mother to their spouse and children. They also have bosses that they must adhere to be able to reach the values and goals set.

There are only a few football and volleyball teams left to reach their family goals of winning a state championship. But it doesn’t need to stop at a championship. You can take what you have learned and use it every day. Become the best that you can be, and remember that to reach the values and goals, you must work as a family.

Some may say, I want that, and I will do whatever it takes right or wrong, but we all know there is no I in team. Don’t let your family down, work, study and play hard, but do it with class, and do it as a TEAM!