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180 Cars Converge On Bullring

By Staff | Jul 15, 2015

A huge Independence Weekend welcomed race fans back to the ‘Bullring’ after a month of June that seen Mother Nature dominate the action. With anticipation continuing to build for the biggest event of the Summer, the Mega 100 July 9-11, a whopping 180 plus races converged on the Tyler County Speedway on Thursday Night, July 2nd. A table top smooth surface also welcomed the Northeast’s BRP Big Block Modified Tour and picking up the impressive victory was Rex King Jr. besting his father Rex King Sr. across the line. The big block behomoths, some thirty strong put on a fantastic show racing three and four wide all night long to the fans delight.

Picking up qualifying wins on the evening into the monster Mega 100 weekend were Jacob Hawkins in the Two Brothers Motorsports Modifieds, Kyle Thomas (first Tyler County Speedway Super Late Model win), AJ Spaganuola (first time FASTRAK Late Model winner), Mitch Ward in the Modlites, Mick Baker in the EDGE Hotmods, Bill Tennant in the 4 Cylinder and Kylie Cross and Tristen Borkoski MWRA Mini Wedges.

A family fun Night of Destruction presented by Thomas Motorsport, LLC would take center stage on Saturday, July 4th. A jam packed pit area of car crushing crusaders would see Kyle McFadden pick up the win in the very entertaining and popular Figure 8 race, Tyler Cline Full Size Derby winner and Zach Travis Compact Derby winner.

Also on the card and garnering the MWRA Mini Wedge National Championship was Abby Watson and Tristen Borkoski. Roland Bell would go from 3rd to 1st with a daring last lap pass to grab victory in a thrilling EDGE Hotmod main event.

Gabe Philips would pick up his second win of the season in the Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modlites presented by Cedar Run Farms. While Bill Tennant would go 2 for 2 on the weekend by grabbing the Lipps Towing 4 Cylinder feature.

The biggest event of the season is here as the “Mega in the Mountains” will see over 200 racers head to the Mountain State in hopes of poaching the over $130,000 total purse. Don’t miss the action this July 9-11.

Tyler County Speedway Thursday Night, July 2nd Results

BRP Big Block Modified Tour: Rex King Jr., Rex King Sr., Chad Brachman, Eric Gabaney, Eric Rudolph, Jim Rasey, Kevin Hoffman, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rick Wagner, Garrett Krummert, Dave Murdick, Rick Rigalski, Tom Glenn, Steve Feder, Kevin Bolland, Carl Murdick, Shane Pierce, Steve Barr, Bob Warren, Shawn Fleeger, Dillon Barr, Rodney Beltz, Brad Rapp, Randy Chrysler, Mark Frankhouser, Ricky Richner

J&R Excavating Super Late Model presented by Midcap Land & Timber Feature: Kyle Thomas, Derek Doll, Steve Weigle, Steve Wilmoth, Colten Burdette, Scott Irvin, Sonny Conley, Brian Baumberger, Brett Benedum, Cody Rogers, Brian Eaton, Austin Eddy, Robbie Jewell, Levi Flesher, Travis Brown, Mike Taylor

Two Brothers Motorsports Modified Feature: Jacob Hawkins, Cody Parker, Travis Dickson, Patrick Lyon, Vic Vandergrift, Kenny Johnson, Tyler Evans, Robbie Evans, Bird Wilson, James Dennis, JE Stalder, Mark Dickson, Del Cunningham, Chad Smith, Mark Deitch, Nathan Loney, John Burdette, Jess Hartman, Tanner Wilson, DNS: Gerald Deitch, DNQ: Todd Higgins, James Shaffer, Cody Henthorn, Tommy Powell, Brad Clark, Nick Corbitt, Josh Tonkin, Bruce Tackach, Kurt Burge, DJ Cline, Justin Hart, Tom Sigler, Rex Frohnapfel, Jeff Fornash

Peoples Bank FASTRAK Late Model Feature: AJ Spagnuola, Daniel Hill, Danny Thomas, Derek Rogers, Matt Long, Kris Southern, Henry Hornsby, Ryan Payne, Garrett Paugh, Kyle Thomas, Rick Solari, Joel Prosser, Chad Green, Eddie Starkey, Troy Frazier, Tyler Stutler, Michael Bland, Joe Bowie, Jamie McCloud, Chuck Kimble, Todd Chicklo, Jamie America

Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modlites presented by Cedar Run Farms Feature: Mitch Ward, Gabe Phillips, John Cogar, Ryan Baker, Kacy Campbell, Brandon Fluharty, Josh Baldwin, Troy Collins, Ryan Saffell, Dean Ward, Daniel Eddy, Troy Gum, Glenn Teter, Doug Jones, Tom Keplinger, Chris Robinson, Anthony Cavichia, Cody Dye, Tom Keplinger

EDGE Hotmod Feature: Mick Baker, Kenny Isner, Darren Glover, Roland Bell, Cody Brightwell, Scott Moore, Brandon Weigle, Allen Moore, Stevi Magyar, Chris Thomas, Jay Smarr, Kendall Hodge, Tiffany Jackson, Mike Harter, Chris Ice, Brian Shaffer, Kip Todd, Travis Thomas, Brian Clegg, Curtis Watson, DNQ: Kevin O’Dell, Doug Carson, Levi Nolan, Casey Ash, Brian Butler, Keesha Beegle, John Thomas, Jeff Gorrell

Lipps Towing 4 Cylinder Feature: Bill Tennant, Keith Marlow, Robert Frohnapfel, April Tennant, Jason Frazier, Ethan Drain, Donnie Wamsley, Wesley Tennant, Timothy Harlan, Sambo Cokeley

JJK Mineral MWRA Mini Wedge Feature: (A Feature) Kylie Cross, Caleb Nolan, Dalton Anderson, Garrett Jones, Coleman Evans, Philip Bubeck, Tyler Tennant, Kyle Keplinger

(B Feature) Tristen Borkoski, Gage Stalder, Caiden Black, Tripp Perine, Noah Bubeck, Levi Jones, Skylar Wright, Trenton Baker, George Casto III, Ethan McCune, Allen Clark

Tyler County Speedway Saturday Night, July 4th Night of Destruction Results

Figure 8 Race (Top 5): 1st Place Kyle McFadden, 2nd Place Joe Thomas, 3rd Place Zach Travis, 4th Place Mason Pyles, 5th Place William Chapman

Full Size Demo Derby (Top 4): 1st Place Tyler Cline, 2nd Place Ben Bowersock, 3rd Place Joe Thomas, 4th Place Kyle McFadden

Compact Demo Derby (Top 4): 1st Place Zach Travis, 2nd Place Chad Dotson Jr., 3rd Place Raphe Bailes, 4th Place Jackson Morris

EDGE Hotmod Feature: Roland Bell, Travis Thomas, Mick Baker, Kenny Isner, Darren Glover, Tim Pennell, Cody Brightwell, Chris Thomas, Daniel Muldrew, Curtis Watson, Brian Clegg, Stevi Magyar, Brandon Weigle, Casey Ash, Tiffany Jackson, Kip Todd, Jay Smarr, Scott Moore, Chris Ice, James Magyar, DNQ: Mike Harter, Jeff Gorrell, Matt Yost, Levi Nolan, Doug Carson, Kevin O’Dell, Michael Thomas, Steve Magyar

Chris Metz State Farm Insurance Modlites presented by Cedar Run Farms Feature: Gabe Phillips, Mitch Ward, Josh Baldwin, Brandon Fluharty, Ryan Saffell, Kacy Campbell, Glenn Teter, Cody Anderson, Dean Ward, Anthony Cavichia, Troy Collins, Zak Kimbrew, DNS: Tom Keplinger

Lipps Towing 4 Cylinder Feature: Bill Tennant, Robert Frohnapfel, Wesley Tennant, April Tennant, Donnie Wamsley, Ivan Wamsley, Scott Critchfield, Ethan Drain, Jason Frazier, DNS: Tim Harlan, Sambo Cokeley

JJK Mineral MWRA Mini Wedge National Championship: (A Feature) Abby Watson, Garrett Jones, Brayden Beachler, Tyler Tennant, Jacob Ice, Caleb Nolan, Wayne Bonner, Dalton Anderson, Allen Bonner, Kylie Cross

(B Feature) Tristen Borkoski, Mitch Thomas, Gage Stalder, Levi Jones, Skylar Wright, Wamsley, Tripp Perine, Trenton Baker, Ethan McCune, George Casto III, Allen Clark

About the Tyler County Speedway: Located in the scenic WV hills, the Tyler County Speedway is located just 4 miles south of Middlebourne, on State Route 18 at the Fairgrounds approximately an hour from Wheeling, Clarksburg & Parkersburg. Tyler County Speedway is considered by fans, drivers and industry insiders to be one of the raciest tracks in the nation and has been dubbed the ‘Bullring’ with three and four wide racing action being the norm not the exception.

Tyler County Speedway annually hosts some of the largest and most popular events in the Ohio Valley region! National and regional touring series such as the World of Outlaw Late Model Series, Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour, FASTRAK Racing Series and much more appear frequently. In addition to the incredible Special Event lineup, the Tyler County Speedway Weekly Racing Series consists of the Super Late Models, FASTRAK Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, Hotmods, ModLites, FWD 4 Cylinders and MWRA Mini Wedges on Saturday Nights April thru September. For additional information regarding the 40th Anniversary Season at the Tyler County Speedway follow us online at www.tylercountyspeedwayonline.com, phone the track office at 304-771-6874 or 304-771-5661 or on raceday at 304-758-2660.