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Hundred’s Shriver Excels in All Phases

By Staff | Jun 24, 2015

Photo Provided Pictured is Paige Shriver with a few of her awards and sport equipment

Its not something new that a high school student athlete to play multiple sports in Class-A, but to do them all very well and excel in all of them its a win-win for all concern. At Hundred High School there is a girl that came into high school not having played in any sport at all other than gymnastics from a youngster.

You must share student athletes in high schools like Hundred does if you want to have a program. Paige Shriver is such a girl.

“All of us will do what is best for the student athlete,” HHS Athletics Director Rex Rush said.

Since entering high school, Shriver has been a cheerleader, basketball player, volleyball player and a softball player. She also is in many school activities as well as church activities and school plays too, as well as being a school class officer.

Not having any athletic ability beyond gymnastics, Shriver started as a cheerleader in her first year of high school, and then tried her luck in basketball, volleyball and softball. Not only did she compete, she excelled in them all. As a freshman she started on every sport and was one of the top dogs in each sport she competed in.

In basketball, volleyball and softball she has lettered all four years and has been one of the top scorers, assists, blocks and rebounders in basketball; top scorer and blocker in volleyball; and has been the ace of the staff in softball this season. She struck out 18 batters in a sectional victory over Morgantown Trinity for the Lady Hornets, and was selected to play in the OVAC All-Star game in all three sports too.

In school she has been an active member of the FFA for four years and has served as secretary for the past two years. Academically, Shriver has been a member of the National Honor Society, student council and UP student Advisory Committee. She is also a an Academic Letterman and a Governor’s Honors Society attendee. She has served in many different other school activities as well. She was selected as one of the schools valedictorian’s this year and is a Promise Scholar who will be attending WVU this fall majoring in pre-med, and plans to pursue a career in forensic pathology. She graduated with a 4.250, the highest GPA at Hundred High School this year, and graduated earning 19 Athletic letters and numerous scholarships

Before high school, Shriver only competed in gymnastics and has won 100’s of awards. But, when she attended high school she wanted to fit in and be a regular high school student and participate in high school sports. She embraced all the sports she participated in just as she did as a gymnast.

Shriver began competitions in November of her third grade year. She competed as a member of the Junior Olympic USA Gymnastics. Shriver competed on the Vault, the Uneven bars, the Beam and the Floor Exercise. She competed not only in WV, but many states and even competed in International competition. She won numerous WV State Titles and numerous state All-Around Champion titles as well as individual event titles.

She was in Washington DC at a competition did her final tumbling pass on her floor routine, landed a little funny, kept going, finished, and then finished the rest of the meet and won but it was discovered a few days later she had a broken foot. State Competition was in two weeks. She competed at states with her foot taped up very tight and ended up winning the State Title as level eight gymnast, on a broken foot. She healed up that broken foot moved onto a level nine gymnast only to break her foot again.

Shirver retired from gymnastics after six years of competing. This was the hardest decision an 8th grader can make. To those not in gymnastics they have no idea the mental fortitude, the physical beating and physical toughness it takes. The entire family gives in to the sport. It comes first.

Shriver would practice five ( most weeks six) days a week for three to four hours a night. It was a one hour drive to Fairmont, practice and then a one hour drive home. The self-discipline it takes for this sport is unimaginable to most people. It also has made her the person she is today. She is self motivated very disciplined she knows what it is like to win. That has been hard.

With participation numbers dropping in the Wetzel County area on part because students are focusing on a single sport at an earlier age. Driven by year-round travel clubs and the availability of indoor practice facilities, parents are spending more money and time in the expectation that their children can rise to the highest levels have kept a lot of kids from playing more than one sport.

However, girls like Shriver who comes into high school without any type of experience and compete at a high level and excel, its refreshing that there are still students out there wanting to participate.