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Football Is Back at Hundred

By Staff | Jun 17, 2015

Photos by Bruce Crawford New Hundred football coach Gregory Hostutler will led the Hornets after a year away.

As the football teams for the 2014 season began to practice, Hundred High School Football team was benched for the season due to an insufficient number of students.

Last year, only 14 students, including one female, were committed. The school’s athletics director Rex Rush and principal Dan Gottron believed the team would need at least 18 players, based on a recent history of injuries and participation.

However, Hundred High School will take the field for the 2015 season under the supervision of newly hired head coach Gregory Hostutler with a junior varsity team.

“The students interest level was the basis of the decision not to have a football schedule last season,” Gottron said. “But with over 20 students showing a desire to bring Friday night lights, we did.”

Hostutler served as the assistant coach for Hundred High School football team two years ago before going to Clay-Battelle to serve as its defensive coach.

Photos by Bruce Crawford Members of the 2014 Hundred High School football team conditioning on the first day of practice.

“Depending on how many students embrace high school football this season will show if there are enough students committed to play varsity ball in the future,” Hostutler said. “We will work hard to get to that point, but in the end it will be the students that will be the key ingredient in if we continue to have Friday night lights.”

Hostutler believes that to bring a winning team back to Hundred, they must first get the community to support the team.

“We must get what we can out of the kids and for them to want to get better and work hard to be the best that they can be and have some fun doing it,” Hostutler said. “We will need leadership from our experienced kids and we must play as a team and like one another. It’s like getting them prepared for life. You must give your best if you want to succeed and you must trust and like your teammates. I hope when these kids come back to Hundred after years gone by, they can come back to the field and say ‘I gave everything I had when I was there and that helped me as a citizen.'”

One of Hostutler’s goals is to put in a new system where the players can understand and teach the basics to other players. He believes that one of their strong points will be the defensive and offensive line if all the boys come out.

“We had 26 that signed up and I hope we get of all them out. Some of the boys that played two years ago said that they missed football and I hope it holds true when we start practice in August,” Hostutler said. “But we will get together for three weeks starting next week and will be in a 7-7 on July 1 at Clay-Battelle and I hope the boys can come out and get acclimated to the system and start working on rebuilding football at Hundred.”

Hostutler wants the players to know that they must work hard, while having fun doing it. He went on to say that he wants to teach them not to quit or give up. Though they are playing a junior varsity schedule – which only allows them to play eight games – he wants his team to play as a varsity team, something they hope to get back in the future. The schedule is not set in stone since the number of players that will show up is unknown.

“I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you we will have enough kids to play this season, but if we do, we will do our very best to get the most out of the kids and keep football around for quite some time,” Hostutler said.