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Lady ‘Cats Drop 3-2 To Beallsville

By Staff | Oct 9, 2013

In a return match with Beallsville, the Paden City lost 3-2, winning by scores of 25-20 and 25-22 Oct. 7 in Beallsville. Graeson Baker had a team-high 27 points and hit in every reportable offensive and defensive stat. Seven of her points were via service, to go with one assist, four kills, two blocks and 11 digs.

Megan Pierce followed in scoring with three of her 17 points were via service. She added five kills, two blocks and a dig for the Lady ‘Cats. Haley Hizer added 14 points that included three bullets and she had five kills, two blocks and four digs.

Taylor Cosper and Myah Charkawi each sent up 10 points, with two and one ace, respectively. Cosper added 15 assists and 11 digs, while Charkawi helped the cause with two kills and 17 digs.

Cydney Blatt had eight points with an ace and three kills, while Madison Kelly finished Paden City’s scoring with seven markers and one dig. Abbi Still had two digs; Kallie Arnett two kills, four blocks and a dig; Chelsea Baker had a kill; and Dezirae Middleton contributed nine digs for her team.

Oct. 3, Hundred

The Lady ‘Cats made a sweep of Hundred in three sets Oct. 3 at Hundred, winning 25-8, 25-15 and 25-15. Graeson Baker had 21 points that included five service points. She added two assists, four kills and as many digs.

Myah Charkawi sent up 13 points that included four aces and added one dig. Cydney Blatt and Haley Hizer each scored 12 points for the ‘Cats, including three and two aces, respectively. Hizer had six kills and two blocks, while Blatt had three kills.

Taylor Cosper added 11 points to the Paden City score, two of them aces.She also added a kill and 20 assists. Kallie Arnett had four kills and two blocks, while Madison Kelly had two digs.

Oct. 2, Wheeling Central, Bishop Donahue

Paden City won 26-24 and 22-21 against Wheeling Central Oct. 2 at Bob Burton Gymnasium. Graeson Baker led the offense in scoring with 14 points to go along with eight kills, one assist and as many digs.

Myah Charkawi had an ace in her 10 points. In addition to five digs, she also had one assist. Megan Pierce fired off nine points that included four from the service line. She added six kills, four blocks and a dig to help the Lady ‘Cats.

Haley Hizer also added nine points, while killing five, blocking four and digging one. Cydney Blatt sent seven markers to the scoreboard that included three aces. Blatt also helped Paden City with two kills.

Taylor Cosper scored two points and had 19 assists, while Kallie Arnett had three kills and a block. Abbi Still and Dezirae Middleton each had a dig.

Against Bishop Donahue, Charkawi’s team-high 18 points included a team-high five aces. She added two kills and a block, while Baker scored 10 points that include one bullet.

She also helped with five assists and as many kills and two digs.

Pierce added seven points and an ace point, one kill and a dig.

Blatt scored four points including an ace point. included via service. Blatt also had seven kills and two blocks. Cosper added three points, a kill and a dig, while Chelsea Baker scored two points for Paden City.

Middleton and Madison Kelly each posted a dig, while Still had two digs.

Sept. 30 v. Cameron, River

The Paden City Lady ‘Cats hosted Cameron and River Sept. 30, winning 25-13 and 25-10 against the Lady Bulldogs but falling 25-21 and 25-10 to the Lady Pilots.

Taylor Cosper produced 12 points and three aces against Cameron. She also had 12 assists and three kills in the effort. Graeson Baker added 12 points that included three aces, and threw in seven assists and three digs.

Megan Pierce fired off nine points that included two aces to go alone with four kills, one assist and as many digs. Myah Charkawi came up with six points that included two from the service line and added four digs. Cydney Blatt and Haley Hizer finished Paden City’s scoring with five and two points, respectively. Hizer helped her team with six kills, while Blatt added seven kills, four blocks and two digs.

In the 0-2 loss against River, Cosper and Charkawi each produced eight points. Cosper’s points included an ace and she added nine assists and a dig, while Charkawi had two digs of her own.

Hizer sent four points and an ace to the scoreboard, while Baker produced four points and as many assists and kills and added two digs. Blatt added three points, three kills and a block, while Pierce added another three points. Pierce also had two assists, four kills and a dig. Still contributed two digs and Arnett helped with a kill and two blocks.

Sept. 26 v. Linsly, Toronto

In matches against Linsly and Toronto Sept. 26 at Linsly, Paden City prevailed 2-3 over Linsly, 25-23, 25-19 and 25-18. Graeson Baker launched 19 points that included three via service, two assists, seven kills and 12 digs. Hayley Hizer added 13 points that included three aces, 10 kills, six blocks and seven digs.

Megan Pierce sent 12 points to the scoreboard and added eight kills, six blocks and seven digs in Paden City’s behalf. Taylor Cosper’s 11 points included an ace. She also generated 34 assists and six digs.

Myah Charkawi and Cydney Blatt each put up five points, with Charkawi adding 14 kills. Blatt’s points included two from service. She also had 12 kills and as many digs. Kallie Arnett helped the Lady ‘Cat cause with four kills and five blocks, while Abbi Still generated seven digs and Madison Kelly contributed a dig.

In the 3-1 loss against Toronto, the Lady ‘Cats went 25-24, 25-23 and won a set 25-18. Hizer led all Paden City scorers with 18 markers that included two aces. She also had nine kills, six blocks and four digs.

Blatt followed in scoring with 15 markers that included two bullets. She added seven kills and three digs, while Baker added 13 points, two assists, three kills and 14 digs. Two of Pierce’s 12 points were from service and she also generated 10 kills, seven blocks and two digs.

Cosper produced 26 assists to go along with a kill, nine digs and as many points, two of which were aces. Charkawi sent five points, including an ace, to the scoreboard and added 14 digs. Still helped the Green and White cause with six digs and Arnett produced five kills and six blocks.

Sept. 23 v. Bridgeport

The Lady ‘Cats fell 25-20, 25-21 and 25-15 to Bridgeport Sept. 23 at Bob Burton Gymnasium. Haley Hizer had a team-high 14 points that included an ace to go along with four kills. Taylor Cosper produced 10 points, an ace point, 18 assists and five digs, while Graeson Baker had 10 points that included two aces. baker also had four assists, five kills and as many digs.

Megan Pierce generated nine prints for the Lady ‘Cats, five kills, six blocks and a dig. Two of her markers were by from the service line. Cydney Blatt added seven points, an ace point, 11 kills and two digs. Myah Charkawi fired off three points and added three digs and a kill. Kallie Arnett contributed four kills of her own and Abbi Still had a dig.