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Relay For Life Softball Detailed

By Staff | May 4, 2011

The Wetzel Chronicle has announced the annual “Strike Out Cancer” Relay For Life Slow Pitch Softball tournament at the Hydro Field June 10-12. The event will be in a two-bracket pool play format, depending on the number of entries and the weather.

The entry fee for this tournament is $10 per player with a minimum of 15 players per team. There is a non-refundable $25 fee to hold a spot in the tournament, with only the first 16 teams earning a spot in this year’s fun-filled tournament. (You MUST turn in a roster before the first game is to played).

Teams can have 10 players on the field and can substitute freely, with each team batting up to 15 players each inning. A team’s pitcher is allowed only one throw per batter. Rules will be enforced to keep every game fun!

Every team can buy up to one additional batter for $5 each inning. Plus a fan can bat for a $5 fee too.

Every batter comes to the plate with a 3-2 count, with all foul balls considered outs, including the 15th batter and the batter paying to bat. A 75-minute limit is set for all games. If there is a tie, the best of three coin tosses will determine the winner. There will be no smoking or alcohol allowed at the park. Anyone caught will be asked to leave and may be subjected to a penalty.

Awards will go out to the winning team of each pool bracket, who will battle it out for the tournament’s top prize. Awards also will be given to the pitcher who strikes out the most batters and the player who hits the most home runs.

A special MVP award will go out to the person that has the most fun, that best exemplifies the courage and determination needed to help strike out cancer during the three-day tournament.

To secure a spot in the Annual Strike Out Cancer Softball Tournament, contact Bruce Crawford at the Wetzel Chronicle Sports Department, 455-3300. Deadline is June 4. Please sign up early, because only the first 16 teams that pay the $25 non-refundable registration will be in this year’s tournament.

The balance of the registration fee is due before a team can play its first scheduled game, no exceptions. There will be no rain out date. If the weather holds off and we can play the tournament, each team will be rewarded with one extra at-bat in their first two games, in addition to anyone who buys a plate appearance. Players can be picked up to play on other teams if their team has been eliminated, but must be on a sub list! A list of games and times will be in the Wetzel Chronicle Sport pages June 8.

If you don’t have a team to play for, you are still encouraged to participate by contacting me at 304-455-3300, and I will personally put you on a team.

Make all checks out to Wetzel County Relay For Life. Don’t delay. Sign up now. Last year, the Wetzel Chronicle relay team realized more than $2,000 from the tournament.

There will also be a youth Relay For Life Softball Tournament held the same weekend for kids little league age up to and including eighth graders. Rules are the same, but instead of coming in as teams, they will be placed on teams and separated by relay members. The registration fee is non-refundable $5 a player and will be required to get at least two pledges for luminaries for the relay for life walk. The luminaries are paper bags that are put down around the track at the Relay For Life Walk with peoples name on it in memory, or in honor of that had cancer that has cancer or is deceased or is in remention.

Games will be on the MHS Softball Field at the Hydro.

To register, PLEASE send in ASAP your name, age, grade, and what school you attend, including your $5 registration fee to the Wetzel Chronicle at PO Box 289 New Martinsville. A meeting to put all players on teams will take place June 8 to give everyone a chance to get a practice or two in before the Relay For Life Softball Tournament. Ribbons will go to the top two teams and an award to the player that shows the best sportsmanship and honor to what the Relay For Life is all about.


The Wetzel Chronicle will again sponsor its Annual Scavenger Hunt in memory of the late columnist Judy Hell, at 5 p.m., Thursday June 16, the day before the Relay For Life Walk. The hunt will begin and end in the entrance to the West Virginia Northern Community College in New Martinsville.

The registration fee for this event is $10 a car load. Your team has one hour and 15 minutes to bring as many of the items as you can to the college. There are bonus items and personnel and team feats that could make or break your team’s chances to win or lose. It promises to be a fun event for everyone. Your team will need to have a digital camera that will make your hunt go a lot easier and faster.

This event will happen rain or shine. The winning team will get a special prize to be awarded at the Relay For Life on June 18.