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Steelers Going To Super Bowl!

By Staff | Jan 26, 2011

Here we go STEELERS! If you haven’t heard I’m getting a big screen television, thanks to my understanding and loving wife. I told her about a month ago if the Steelers would happen to make it to the Super Bowl, I would like to get a big screen TV. She said, “Of course.” She knows that our sons Chris and Jeremy, as well as myself, are die-hard Steeler fans. We have spent some very good quality moments in front of our TV rooting for the Steelers, eating tailgate food, and just bonding over a ball game.

While my wife doesn’t get involved in sporting events, she knows that is what I do for a living. And to be able to spend time with my boys at home in front of a big screen TV is just icing on the cake.

However, this year, it will only be Chris and me in front of the lovely TV I’m getting this week. You see, Jeremy is still in Scotland, trying to make it big as an actor in the world of show business.

But, he and a few of his Scottish friends will be somewhere over there rooting for the Steelers.

Yes, even in Scotland, they love the guys in Black and Gold. Although we won’t be together in the same room, we will be talking on Facebook, rooting and cheering our favorite pro football team on, Oh, what fond memories it will be.

I know there are many, many out there that are Steeler fans. And, I want to repeat what I did in February 2006 — include a picture page of die-hard Steeler fans who will send me a photo of their ritual on Super Bowl day.

Please send photos to sports@wetzelchronicle.com or bring them to me at the newspaper office, 1102 Third St., New Martinsville. I’ll put all the pics on our Wetzel Chronicle Facebook for all to see, whatever team you root for.

I’ll also choose my favorites that will fit into my page or pages, depending on how many photos I get. Let’s do it up right. GO STEELERS!

The last time we did this, there were many functions going on before the Super Bowl. Schools, businesses ,and clubs all over the county had things going on all week, and I attended a few. I hope to be invited again and get to see some amazing fans here in Wetzel County. Give me a ring, and if I’m not busy, I’ll be there: 304-455-3300. Let’s see some of that good tailgate food, as well as decorations.