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St. Marys Ladies Golf Association Holds Season-Ending Luncheon At Da Vinci’s

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

The St. Marys Ladies Golf Association held its end-of-year luncheon Oct. 5 at Da Vinci’s in Williamstown.

Following devotions by Nora Hood, President Pansy Raper called the meeting to order.

Norma DeBona won the prize for guessing Putt Money.

Winners for 2010 were as follows. Club Championship: Linda Hedricks, Most Chip-Ins: Nora Hood, Birdies: a tie between Barb Ireland and Norma DeBona. Most Improved Golfer: Pansy Raper. Two league members were recognized for Hole-In-One’s: 2010 Michelle Wilson in North Carolina, 1996 Rose Herman on No. 4 at St. Marys.

Those attending the luncheon were: Pansy Raper, Peggy Eddy, Janice Eddy, Nora Wood, Rose Herman, Kay Whiting, Susan Schmidt, Helen Snyder, Connie Neely, Mary Lee Collins, Sharon Hupp, Jean Ruckman, Norma DeBona, Barb Carl, Barbara Ireland, Michelle Wilson, Janet Nichols, and Sue Mahoney.

A Christmas party will be held Dec. 7 at 11:30 a.m. at Quinet’s Court Restaurant in New Martinsville.

Activities winners for 2010 are as follows: Fewest Putts, Ruckman, Raper, Collins, and Mahoney; Hate-em-Holes, Collins, DeBona, Hood, and Herman; E and N Holes, Whiting, Collins, DeBona, Wilson, Carl, Eddy, Hood, and Herman; Par 3 Holes, Hedricks, DeBona, Eddy, and Herman; Crystal Ball, Wilson, Carl, Collins, Hood, and Raper; Blind Nine, Collins, DeBona, Carl, Ireland, Hood, and Ruckman; Four Lady Scramble, Hood, Eddy, Ruckman, and Wilson;

Blind Partners, Hood, Herman, Collins, and Raper; Two Lady Scramble, Whiting and DeBona, and Collins and Hupp;

Fun Day, Linda and Al Hedricks; Surprise Scramble, Eddy, Wilson, Hood, and Mahoney; Scottish Twosome, Wilson and Whiting, and Raper and Ruckman.