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Tyrell Watson Wears Many Hats During Football Season

By Staff | Aug 18, 2010

It’s not something new around Wetzel County that a football player or cheerleader would suit up and play in the band during Friday night at a football game. Even a soccer player, volleyball player, or a cross county runner will play multiple sports during the fall season.

But, for the fourth straight season, Hundred Hornet Tyrell Watson has marched in the band, while tooting his horn, and then played some good old fashioned football.

However, this season he is the team’s starting quarterback and the Hundred Hornets Marching Band Field Commander.

“How will he do this during game night?” one might ask. He will warm up early at the football field, throw some passes to his backs and receivers. Then, after popping a few bags of popcorn and selling a few hot dogs, he will put on his shoulder pads and continue to warm up with his teammates before leading the band to play the National Anthem. After the National Anthem, he will head back to the fieldhouse for introductions.

“The hardest thing will be catching up with what goes on in the locker room while I am performing with the band,” said Watson.

Tyrell’s mother and band director, Jeanine Watson, went on to add, “I know it has been hard on Tyrell, doing both football and band, but it has been a joy to have him in the band for the past three years.”

“You have to share athletes when you’re at Hundred High School. All of us just cooperate well together to do what’s best for the student athlete. We always compensate for lost time without any conflict,” said Hundred Football Coach Rex Rush.

At halftime, he will get a short rest and get some instructions from his coaches before hustling back to the field to lead the band with their halftime ceremonies. After that, he will hustle back for more instructions before heading back to the field to help lead the Hornets to victory.

This not only takes a toll on the young man, it will also be tough on his coaches, players, and band members. But, schools in Wetzel County – Paden City, Valley, and Hundred – must be able to do this to be able to have a team.

However, it’s never been done quite this way, with a starting quarterback doubling as the band’s field commander. It helps that Tyrell’s mother is the band director and his aunt is the football team’s athletic trainer. He gets wisdom from his mother and his aunt and takes care of his bumps and bruises during the practices and games.

Tyrell added, “There have been times I’ve been picked on and just wanted to give up, but with the help of my mom and support of my family, I stuck it out. I’m glad I did.”

“The coaches have been really good to me. I get plenty of time to be ready Friday night for both band and football,” Tyrell added.

This season, four cheerleaders – Jade Haynes, Mercedez Goff, Ashley Yoho and Shelley Cork – along with Tyrell and Mhar Olayan on the football team are doing double duty at Hundred.