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Eagles Claim OVAC Class AAA Title

By Staff | May 12, 2010

The Magnolia Blue Eagle Boys’ Track Team finished the three-day OVAC Track Meet with 68.25 points, holding off Union Local and St. Clairsville to win the OVAC Class AAA Boys’ Track Crown.

The Paden City boys finished in third behind St. John and Bishop Donahue, while the ‘Jacks came in sixth.

The Pilot boys placed fourth in the Cass AA, behind Steubenville Central, Linsly, Barnesville and Fort Frye, respectively.

It was the Eagles’ first OVAC Track Title since 1997. Matt “Hercules” Riggs would start things off for Magnolia with a first-place finish in the discus with a heave of 154’4 and a seventh-place finish in the shot put with at 44’9.5.

His teammate, Brendan Kacor, would feed off Riggs’ accomplishment with a second-place finish in the long jump with a hop of 20’2.25 and a third- place finish in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.20.

The Eagles weren’t done, as they garnered fourth place in the 4×400 meter relay and the 4×200 meter relay. The Magnolia’s 4×100 meter relay team placed sixth, only two seconds behind the eventual winner Steubenville and seventh in the 4×800 meter run 14 seconds behind St. Clairsville.

Other local boys scoring points for their high schools included Journey Wayts, who won the pole vault title with a climb of 12’6. Pilot teammate Dylan Potts scored in the 400 meter dash and the 200 meter dash, taking fourth in the 400 and eighth in the 200 meter dash.

The Paden City Wildcats’ Malakai Anderson and the Lumberjacks’ Mason Spencer finished seventh in the long jump and eighth place in the shot put, respectively.

In the OVAC Girl Divisions, it was the Lady Pilots churning out a third-place finish with 34.5 points, behind Steubenville Central and Buckeye Trail, respectively, in Class AA. Magnolia placed ninth in Class AAA, while Paden City finished fifth in Class A.

The Lady Eagles’ Ali Childers got third place in the high jump and the Magnolia shuttle team also finished third, while Jordan Ramsay and Cassidy McCullough finished sixth and seventh, respectively, in the long jump and the 100 meter dash, respectively, for the Lady Pilots.

The Paden City Shuttle Team placed sixth in the championship finals, Saturday May 8 at Meadowbrook High School.

OVAC Class AAA Girls: 1. Wheeling Park, 106.5; 2. John Marshall, 83; and 3. Parkersburg South, 43.58.

OVAC Class AAAA Boys: 1. Wheeling Park, 83.5; 2. Steubenville, 66; and 3. Parkersburg South, 61.

OVAC Class AAA Girls, 1. St. Clairsville, 126, 2. Meadowbrook, 63.75, 3. Harrison Central, 45.5; 9. Magnolia, 14.83.

OVAC Class AAA Boys: 1. Magnolia, 68.25; 2. Union Local, 63.5; 3. St. Clairsville, 60.5.

OVAC Class AA Girls: 1. Steubenville Central, 72; 2. Buckeye Trail, 53.5; 3. River, 34.5.

OVAC Class AA Boys: 1. Steubenville Central, 97; 2. Linsly, 70; 3. Barnesville, 33.5; 5. River, 31.5.

OVAC Class A Girls: 1. St John, 67.5; 2. Beallsville, 41; 3. Bridgeport, 36; 5. Paden City,17.5;

OVAC Class A Boys: 1. St. John, 37.5; 2. Bishop Donahue, 28; 3. Paden City, 20.5; 6. Valley, 16.

Boys Discus Throw

Riggs, Matt Magnolia 154’5

Schneid, Aaron Whg Central 150’6

Hayhurst, Joey Valley 108’3

Mason, Spencer Valley 102’10

Wade, Justin Magnolia 112′

Boys High Jump

Rogalski, Stephen Magnolia 6′

Miller, Shawn Valley 5’4

Sivert, Davie Valley 5’4

Girls Long Jump

Ramsay, Jordan River 15’8.50

Hayes, Dani Valley 15’7.75

Ashcraft, Ally Valley13’3.50

McDonald, Holly Magnolia 13’5.75

Childers, Alli Magnolia 12’11.25

Girls Shot Put

Smith, Chelsey River 34’8

Hinkle, Desiree’ River 34’6

Lasure, Megan Paden City 27’4

Ueltschy, Cassie Valley 26’2.75

Sivert, BrittanyValley 23’8.75

Girls Pole Vault

Imhoff, Ashley River 7’6

Girls High Jump

Childers, Alli Magnolia 5’2

Willey, Tristin Valley4’8

Smith, Sydney Magnolia 4’6

Boys Long Jump

Kacor, Brendan Magnolia 20’2.25

Anderson, Isaac Paden City 20’1.50

Bennett, Josh Paden City 18’8

Anderson, Isaac Paden City 20’1.50

Anderson, Lance Magnolia 16’5.25

Boys Shot Put

Riggs, Matt Magnolia 46’9

Mason, Spencer Valley 42’9.50

Hinkle, Jared River 42’9

Sell, Bryan Valley38’1

Davis, Silas Paden City 33’6

Byers, Kyle Paden City 26’5

Boys Pole Vault

Wayts, Journey River12’6

Carson, Kevin Valley 8′

Girls 4×800 Meter Relay

Paden City 11:24.96

Magnolia 11:11.93

Boys 4×800 Meter Relay

Magnolia 8:43.99

Valley 9:46.06

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

Sellers, Amanda Paden City 16.39

Girls 100 Meter Dash

McCullough, Cassidy River 12.89

Starkey, JadeValley14.20

West, StephaniePaden City 14.46

Miller, Justine Valley14.97

Ford, Rebecca Paden City17.02

Patterson, Emily Magnolia14.23

Cecil, Lakyn Magnolia 16.26

Boys 100 Meter Dash

Kacor, Brendan Magnolia 11.20

Still, Taylor Paden City 11.81

Pingley, Casey Valley 11.75

Potts, Dylan River 11.40

Anderson, Lance Magnolia 12.00

Girls 4×200 Meter Relay

River 1:54.22

Paden City 1:57.64

Valley 2:03.83 2

Boys 4×200 Meter Relay

Paden City 1:36.15

Valley 1:36.34

Magnolia 1:34.45

Boys 1,600 Meter Run

Feeney, Joe Magnolia 4:46.70

Rice, Ezra Valley 5:30.75

Hubbard, TroyValley 5:44.25

Harshberger, Nathan Magnolia 4:51.60

Girls 4×100 Meter Relay

Paden City 54.22

Valley 57.82

Magnolia 55.20

Boys 4×100 Meter Relay

Paden City 46.08

Valley 46.39

River 47.28

Magnolia 44.54

Boys 400 Meter Dash

Anderson, Isaac Paden City 54.87

Streets, William Valley 56.29

Potts, Dylan River 52.35

Anderson, Isaac Paden City 54.87

Streets, William Valley 56.29

Edgell, Dylan Valley 56.67

Bidwell, Geoffrey Paden City 1:01.22

Ramos, Juan Magnolia 58.52

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

Sellers, Amanda Paden City 50.32

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

Bennett, Josh Paden City 44.08

Hinkley, Payton Paden City 48.17

Miller, Shawn Valley50.85

Haught, James Magnolia 45.20

Boys 800 Meter Run

Blatt, Nick Magnolia 2:06.50

Rice, Ezra Valley2:23.35

Dennis, Eric Paden City2:27.55

Arnolds, Jared Valley 2:33.34

Davis, Silas Paden City 2:44.01

Feeney, Joe Magnolia 2:06.70

Girls 200 Meter Dash

McCullough, Cassidy River 26.52

Hayes, DaniValley29.54

West, Stephanie Paden City30.41

Sivert, Brittany Valley31.52

Khunisorn, JongrakPaden City33.04

Emch, Jennie Magnolia 31.25

Boys 200 Meter Dash

Still, Taylor Paden City 24.15

Potts, Dylan River 23.09

Still, TaylorPaden City 24.15

Herrick, Braxton Paden City 25.36

Ramos, Juan Magnolia 24.85

Boys 3,200 Meter Run

Harshberger, Nathan Magnolia 10:34.05

Dennis, Eric Paden City 11:57.44

Rice, Ezra Valley 12:22.37

Hinerman, Alec Magnolia 11:03.73

Girls 4×102.5 Meter Shuttle Hurdle

Paden City 1:09.59

Magnolia 1:09.34


Boys 4×110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle

Valley 1:12.53

Girls 4×400 Meter Relay

Paden City 4:41.18

Magnolia 4:40.10

Boys 4×400 Meter Relay

Magnolia 3:39.24

Valley 3:46.87

Sellers, Amanda Paden City 50.32

Tallman, Amanda Paden City 54.09

Ashcraft, Ally Valley 1:02.10

Butcher, Bethany Magnolia 58.30

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

Hinkley, Payton Paden City17.34

Miller, Shawn Valley 21.64

Haught, James Magnolia 18.61

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

Sellers, Amanda Paden City 16.39 2

Starkey, Jade Valley 17.63 2

Cutlip, Megan Paden City 18.07

Leek, Brittany Magnolia 17.00

McDonald, Holly Magnolia 18.11

Girls Discus

Lasure, Megan Paden City 79’2

Ueltschy, Cassie Valley71’2

Ashcraft, Ally Valley 66’9

Boys 100 Meter

Pingley, Casey Valley 11.75

Still, Taylor Paden City 11.92

Poling, Matthew Valley 12.31

Bidwell, Geoffrey Paden City12.41

Girls 1,600 Meter Run

Sapp, Erica Paden City 6:44.40

Cosper, Logan Paden City 6:56.50

Girls 400 Meter

Cutlip, Megan Paden City 1:09.17

Parsons, Lynnsie Paden City 1:15.11

Ice, Brittany Valley 1:31.13

Emch, Jennie Magnolia 1:09.19

Smith, Sydney Magnolia 1:11.98

Girls 800 Meter Run

Craft, Dominique Paden City 2:53.20

Heasley, Amanda Paden City 2:58.72

Pettersen, Stina Magnolia 2:50.60

Emch, Krista Magnolia 3:00.60

Girls Discus Throw

Cain, Lindsay Magnolia 77’5

Girls 1,600 Meter Run

Harshberger, Christa Magnolia 6:04.44

Emch, Krista Magnolia 6:21.05

Girls 3,200 Meter Run

Harshberger, Christa Magnolia 13:42.37