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Magnolia Blue Eagles Place Third In Ritchie County Meet; Tyler Silver Knights Place First In Girls’, Second In Boys’

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

The area high school track season got underway last week with the Ritchie County High School quad, featuring athletes from Magnolia, Tyler and Wirt County. Tyler Consolidated won the girls’ meet and Ritchie won the boys meet, while the Blue Eagles came in third in both the girls’ and boys’ events.

The Lady Eagles had only two athletes that won their competitions: Alli Childers won the high jump at a height of 5′ as did Holly McDonald in the long jump with a leap of 15’1.

Magnolia relay teams in the 4×100, 4×4 relay and the shuttle relay each placed second. The foursome of Emily Amos, Brittany Leek, Holly McDonald and Emily Patterson finished one second behind Tyler Consolidated at 57.59, in the 100 Meter Relay, while the team of Bethany Butcher, Brittany Leek, Stina Petterson, and Morgan Dawson lost by six seconds to Wirt County with a time of 5:06.11 in the 4×400 Meter Relay.

The team of Emily Amos, Brittany Leek, Holly McDonald and Emily Patterson finished two second places behind Tyler Consolidated with a time of 1:14.38 in the Shuttle Relay event.

Also in relay events, the team of Bethany Butcher, Krista Emch, Christa Emch and Stina Petterson placed third in the 4×800 meter event. The foursome of Lindsay Cain, Morgan Dawson, Emily Patterson and Sydney Smith finished third in the 4×200 meter Relay.

Individual third place finishes were from Emily Patterson, in the 100 Meter Dash; Krista Emch, in the 1,600 Meter Run; and Sarah Muller, in the shot each finished third.

Girls Results: Results:

1) Tyler, 100 points; 2) Ritchie, 81 points; 3) Magnolia, 46 points; and 4) Wirt, 29.5 points.

400 Meter Dash:

1) Cheri BrunnerRitchie13.89

2) Rheanna FoleyTyler14.04

3) Emily PattersonMHS14:52

200 Meter Dash:

1) Cheri BrunnerRitchie29.49

3) Alison CleggTCHS31.35

5) Sydney SmithMHS32.62

400 Meter Run:

1) Rheanna FoleyTCHS 1:06

7) Sydney SmithMHS 1:13

800 Meter Run:

1) Allison WableTCHS 2:45

5) C. HarshbergerMHS 3:02

1,600 Meter Run:

1) Aly CarpenterRitchie 5:55

3) Krista EmchMHS 6:59

4) Jenifer YostTyler 7:07

5) Stina PetersonMHS7:11

3,200 Meter Run:

1) Brittani GaskinsWirt13:50

4) C. HarshbergerMHS14:48

5) Brooke CleggTCHS15:22

100 Meter Hurdles:

1)Tiffany LohiTCHS18.04

2) Mikayla CleggTCHS18.34

4) Brittany LeekMHS18.91

5) Holly McDonaldMHS18.97

300 Meter Hurdles:

1) Haylea LeMastersTCHS53.81

3) Tiffany LohriTCHS56.76

6) Bethany ButcherMHS1:05

4×100 Meter Relay:

1) Tyler56.16

2) Magnolia57.59

4×200 Meter Relay:

1) Tyler2:00

3) Magnolia2:06

4×400 Meter Relay:

1) Wirt5:00

2) Magnolia5:06

3) Tyler5:12

4×800 Meter Relay:

1) Wirt11:45

3) Magnolia12:00

4) Tyler12:13

Shuttle Relay:

1) Tyler1:12

2) Magnolia1:14

High Jump:

1) Alli ChildersMHS5′

3) Mikayla CleggTyler4’10

4) Alison CleggTyler4’4

Pole Vault:

1) Vicky BartlettRitchie7’6

2) Haylea LeMastersTyler6′

3) Jackie ClarkTyler6′

Long Jump:

1) Holly McDonaldMHS15’1

3) Tiffany LohriTyler13’11

5) M. SchlabowsTyler13’4

Shot Put:

1) Lyndsey CasteelTyler30’2

2) Carlee MorrisTyler29’6

3) Sarah MuellerMHS28’5


1) Jessica HaughRitchie93’11

2) M. SchlabowsTyler92’10

4) Carlee MorrisTyler77’10

5) Electra LivingstonTyler65’7

Boys Results: 1) Ritchie, 91.5 points; 2) Tyler, 77 points; 3) Magnolia, 66 points; and 4) Wirt, 29.5 points.

In the boys’ meet, Brendon Kacor, Timmy Shreve and Ed Durrah finished one, two and three, respectively, in the 400 Meter Dash, as did Kacor, Lance Anderson and Durrah in the long jump. The 4×800 Meter Relay team of Joe Feeney, Nathan Harshberger, Bill Feeney and Alec Hinerman crossed the finish line in first place.

In the 200 Meter Dash Kacor finished a close second behind the Silver Knights’ Nate Taylor, while Kacor’s teammate, Anderson, finished third for Magnolia. Joe Feeney and Nathan Harshberger each placed second in the 1,600 Meter Run and 3,200 Meter Run, respectively, behind the Silver Knights’ long distance standout Aaron Estep in both events. Blue Eagle strongman Matt Riggs finished second in the discus, while finishing third in the shot put.

Also placing third for the Eagles were the foursome of Joe Feeney, Cameron Benson, Timmy Shreve and Brandon Fluharty in the 4×400 Meter Relay

100 Meter Dash:

1) Nate TaylorTyler11.40

4) Lance Anderson MHS12.23

1) Nate TaylorTyler23.47

2) Brandon KacorMHS24.07

3) Lance AndersonMHS24.82

5) Alex DoakTyler25.57

1) Lance Anderson MHS54.40

2) Timmy Shreve MHS55.09

3) Ed Durrah MHS57.94

4) Cameron Benson MHS58.31

5) Dustin SliderTyler58.79

1) Andy LipcombRitchie2:15

4) Ludo KolmanTyler2:25

5) Alec Hinerman MHS2:26

1) Aaron EstepTyler4:53

2) Joe Feeney MHS5:03

4) N. Harshberger MHS5:13

1) Aaron EstepTyler10:50

2) N. HarshbergerMHS11:00

4) Bill FeeneyMHS11:25

110 Meter Hurdles:

1) Sean TallmanRitchie17.06

2) Jeremy SmithTCHS18.33

4) Alex JonesTCHS20.6

1) Sean TallmanRitchie43.49

2) Jeremy SmithTCHS46.03

3) Isaac GrahamTCHS47.27

5) James Haught MHS48.21

400 Meter Relay:

1) Wirt 50.68

1) Ritchie1:39

2) Tyler (A)1:41

1) Tyler3:49

3) Magnolia (A)3:58

1) Magnolia9:21

4) Tyler10:03

1) Tyler1:06

1) Andy LipscombRitchie5’8

2) Alex JonesTCHS5’2

1) Cody MastersRitchie13′

2) Hunter LeMastersTyler11’6

4) Levi HendersonTyler9’6

1) Brandon Kacor MHS20’1

2) Lance Anderson MHS16’11

3) Ed Durrah MHS16’4

4) Calvin McCune TCHS16’1

1) Mark BrittonRitchie43’9

3) Matt RiggsMHS42’7

4) Cameron BensonMHS40’9

5) Slade DillonTyler38’7


1) Mark BrittonRitchie148’7

2) Matt RiggsMHS141’9

3) James JonesTyler123’1