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Broken Timber Is For Everyone

By Staff | Apr 22, 2009

Editor’s Note: This is the last article on Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center in Hannibal

Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center is located along Ohio Rt. 7 in Monroe County between Clarington and Hannibal. It sits on property owned by the AGI Corporation, formerly part of nearby Ormet.

The steel company has provided the building to the organization at no cost.

The name Broken Timber comes from a phrase used by George Washington, who described the Ohio Valley area after spending some time surveying land after a hard storm damaged many treetops.

In the 1700s, Washington said the timber had been damaged by a “hurricane”.

The center’s executive director, Mike Willis, said the group is accepting donations to provide additional programs and events at the center.

Monetary donations, equipment, supplies, artifacts and wildlife display mounts can be sent to: Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center, 42732 Long Ridge Road, Clarington, Ohio 43915. Willis can be reached at: 740-213-7000.

For more information on the center, look for its booth at the Black Walnut Festival, set for Oct. 11-12 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds or call Willis at 740-483-1693 or 740-213-7000.

Volunteers and donations are always welcome.