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DNR Introduces New Trout Map

By Staff | Mar 25, 2009

Trout anglers now have a new interactive tool at their fingertips to help them locate a stream stocked with trout, according to West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Director Frank Jezioro. An avid trout angler himself, Jezioro says this program provides all the information needed to plan a fishing trip.

The information can be found by going to the DNR home page at www.wvdnr.gov, then looking under the “Fishing” heading and clicking on ww.mapwv.gov/website/dnr/viewer.

Once on the Web site, you can search the state by specific stream or lake, by county, or by city. You can narrow down the search if you just want to find catch-and-release or fly-fishing-only areas. Once you locate the stream you will find information on stocking frequency, description of the stocked section of stream, and driving directions from major highways.

Using the state map on the Web site, you can zoom in or out to access a more detailed map which uses aerial photography. You can also move easily from one section to adjacent areas using the panning tool. In addition, the map identifies public fishing access sites.

The map opens a new window to allow you to easily go back to the DNR home page. You can also use the links at the top of the map page to quickly access the daily trout stocking report, fishing regulations, or buy a fishing license.

“This online map demonstrates the capabilities of our staff,” Jezioro said. “We have very talented folks who work hard to provide the public with useful information that allows them to take advantage of the abundant natural resources our state has to offer.”

This web mapping application was developed and maintained in cooperation with the West Virginia State GIS Technical Center wvgis.wvu.edu.