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From My View for 10/21

By Bruce Crawford - Staff Writer | Oct 21, 2020

Since I haven’t been around much because of the corona-virus and only working part time sporting events, it just isn’t the same.

With fans only limited to parents and later grand-parents during the fall season, I can’t see how schools have enough to even pay the officials that cover the games and matches. I know that all schools use the monies they get for home football games and it is spread out to help with the other sports teams playing.

It’s sad to see the teams play without their student body in attendance, as well as the many die-hard fans that hardly miss a game or match. And, its real sad when the cheerleaders don’t have anyone to cheer with when they look into the stands and only see a handful of people.

Most high school bands don’t even get to march during half-time and both the band and cheerleaders don’t get to go on away games and matches.

It’s my opinion that during this virus-pandemic that it would have been nice if the umpires and referee’s would take a cut on salary for these schools that are strapped to stay afloat.

Also it is not the same for myself when I go to work in the office, I just don’t think I feel like I’m welcomed as I only come in to type my stories and down-load pictures I’ve taken. Not just because I’m just there most of the day, but it just doesn’t feel quite like I belong, that’s what this pandemic has done, not just to me as a part timer, but to everybody from school personnel to the students.

It’s sad to even watch TV anymore with all the rioting going on all over the country. When you sit down and watch the boob-tube I see that only a few cover it and rest don’t think it is happening. That is so very sad, and I thank the good Lord every day that I live where I do.

Its great to see our small paper the Wetzel Chronicle and Tyler Star News is still putting out a paper every week. When most of our small business are just hanging on with the hopes of returning the way it once was. I worry about the people that have stayed home and self quarantined and haven’t returned to church. I once did myself, and would listen to the sermons on line, which was and is great. But, what I’m afraid is that those who haven’t gone back will not come back.

That also goes for the sportsman, since they can’t attend games, when and if we can get back to what was normal, they too will not come back and that worries me. But, here in our small community we help each other, anyway we can, and that’s why it’s so nice to live where we do.

The small businesses aren’t thriving like they once were, but they are trying to keep a-float and that is wonderful. Our people in office here our working hard to help us all, especially our police and first responders.

I know that our small paper hasn’t had to much sports in it at all, but once the election is over and we can get back to normal, my hope is that we can get more sports in the paper. But, we will need the schools and all the coaches to help with stats so we can keep you our readers informed the best we can.