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Chuck Bennett Wins First OV Match Play Event

By Staff | Dec 5, 2014

Chuck Bennett averaged 235 en route to his first Ohio Valley Match Play Weekley Championship over Dave Johnson, 245-230. Bennett won $60 for his win, compliments of this week’s sponsors, Bruce Lanes and KC?Pro Shop.

Justin Paliswat was the two-game high qualifier with games of 249 and 249 for a 498 total. Bennett eliminated Jason Bogers, 244-185 in one semifinal while Johnson defeated Heather Chaplin, 240-217 in the other semi.

Chuck Fischerkeller III continues to lead the point list with 400 points, while Dave Johnson is currently second with 290 points. Jordan Longwell is third with 250 points, while Ed Binni rounds out the top four spots with 215 points.

The top 24 on the point list qualify for the 37th annual grand finale tournament. Sponsors are J.C. Mensore Distributing and Yuengling Lager. Check out www.brucelanes.com for more tournament information or call Bruce Lanes at 304-455-1551.


Bowlerettes: Sandy Dietrich, 510; Tammy Mercer, 200, 531. Friday Ladies: Shirley Schupbach, 505.

Tuesday Men: Jim Agar, 200; Mike Aarick, 203, 211, 607; Terry Craig, 200; Lloyd Cross, 220; Arnold Isner, 210, 225, 603; Sean Sawyers, 215, 201, 614; Mike Ware, Jr. 206; Rich Erlewine, 204; Ron Nething, 214; Ron O’Neil Jr. 260, 214, 663; Lee Groves, 201; Al Spencer, 234; and Bill Longwell, 213.

Senior Club: High Game, Lil Miller, 179; and John Miller, 164; No Tap, Carol Smith, 156; and Shel Smith, 210; 3-6-9 Game, Carol Smith, 196; and John Miller, 192; High Series, Lil Miller, 504; and John Miller, 565.