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All Valley Dance Team Shine In Opener

By Staff | Dec 5, 2014

All Valley School of Dance did very well in its first dance competition this year, Nov. 21-23 in Dayton, Ohio, where the students performed at the Ohio Dance Masters Regional Competition at the Dayton Convention Center.

On day one, solo performances were performed and scored by the judges. In the competitive division, high silvers were given to Angelina Warren, Reese Hobbs, Michlynn Farrell, Cadie Stalder, Jolie Hayes, Hannah Shackleford, and Kaitlyn Gump.

Also in the competitive division, gold awards were conferred on Hailey Shackleford, Brynn Block, and Piper Gaines. In the elite division, gold awards were given to Preston Stamp and Katelyn Straub and high gold solos were performed by Kayden Jones and Haley Feldmeier.

On the second day, performed their duos and a small-line performance. In the competitive division, duo performances that received high gold were Hailey and Hannah Shackleford, Kaitlyn Gump and Piper Gaines, and Kaitlyn Gump and Katelyn Straub. A third place overall in their age division was awarded to Kaitlyn Gump and Piper Gaines who performed their duo titled “Sand.”

In the elite division, Kayden Jones and Preston Stamp received a platinum for their duo performance titled “Don’t Rock the Boat”. A judge’s award, “Top in Taps,” was given to Kayden Jones and Preston Stamp for their duo performance.

A small line performance in the competitive division received a gold award. The dancers who performed were Piper Gaines, Kayden Jones, Preston Stamp, Katelyn Straub, Kaitlyn Gump and Haley Feldmeier.

All Valley School of Dance is looking forward to an energetic and exhilarating competition season and is anxiously waiting to compete in February in Newark, Ohio, where several dancers will participate in the Ohio Dance Masters title competition.

The dancers are sponsoring a free show, about Frozen, Dec. 6, after the tree lighting at the Lincoln Theater in New Martinsville.