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Local Runners Finish At OVAC

By Staff | Oct 8, 2014

University High School won the overall Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Meet at Meadowbrook High School Oct. 4. Seth Edwards and Fallen Doyle placed first in the boys’ and girls’ events, respectively.

Paden City’s Cade Crislip finished 102 in the boys’ race with a time of 19:25.16, while Kayla Hizer placed 57 in the girls’ division for the Lady ‘Cats with a time of 21:53.89.

Amanda Reynolds of Tyler Consolidated had the best area time at 20:31.22, while Blue Eagles Joseph Layman, Hornet Holden Moore and River Pilot Daniel Fisher each paced their teams in the OVAC meet for the boys.

Rachel Arbrogast and Ariel Hostettler placed 73 and 74, respectively, to lead the Lady Eagles, while Kara Dotterer paced the River girls.


OVAC Boys’ Cross Country

Championship Results

1)Seth Edwards University 15:28.93

Cade Crislip Paden City 19:25.16

Logan Highley Magnolia 19:27.21

Wesley Smith Paden City 19:43.09

Tyler Kiger Paden City 19:52.64

Joseph Layman Magnolia 20:14.90

Eli Henthorn Tyler 20:23.36

Kristopher Byers Paden City 20:49.51

Hayden Hizer Paden City 20:50.07

Kamron Milhoan Tyler 21:11.66

Josh Frum Tyler 21:22.03

Michael Estep Magnolia 21:26.18

Holden Moore Hundred 21:56.48

Travis Leonard Paden City 21:58.89

Daniel Fisher River 22:11.45

Trent Robinson Magnolia 22:16.65

P.J. Wright Tyler 22:17.70

Archie Petin Magnolia 22:54.20

Greg Jones Hundred 23:49.18

H. Richmond River 26:10.92

Marcus Allen Paden City 27:43.61

Jacob Shreve River 28:48.66

OVAC Girls’ Cross Country

Championship Results

1) Doyle, Fallon St. John 18:28.21

Amanda Reynolds Tyler 20:31.22

Amber Watson Tyler 21:30.50

Kayla Hizer PCHS 21:53.89

Marisa Gogan Tyler 22:15.94

Rachel Arbrogast Magnolia 22:23.84

Ariel HostettlerMagnolia 22:25.52

Mandi Theodoro Magnolia 23:24.54

Kara Dotterer River 24:26.08

Sofia Herrick Magnolia 24:29.39

Kyndra Earley River 25:15.50

Tori Anderson Paden City 25:24.23

K. Shanabarger Magnolia 25:29.46

Kaylee Hulin Tyler 25:41.36

Katie Ensinger Magnolia 25:57.71

Megan Sole Tyler 27:02.03

Alex Karpacs River 29:33.79

Evan Dawson Magnolia 29:44.07

Chelsea Dennis Paden City 29:44.39

Damara WinfreyTyler 30:03.77

Katie Thomas River 30:17.18