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Hundred Hornets Say Goodbye To Football, At Least For Now

By Staff | Aug 14, 2014

Hundred High School Aug. 6 dropped its football program for the 2014 season, mainly because of an insufficient number of students. While the 14 students who went out for the sport – including one female – were committed, the school’s athletic director and head football coach, Rex Rush, and Principal Dan Gottron believed the school would need at least 18 players, based on a recent history of injuries and participation.

After the first game last season, the Hornets lost a couple key players to concussions, a much talked-about injury in sports when played at a high level. Several more concussions and other injuries followed, but the team finished the season, albeit a losing one. It was the third consecutive season in which the Hornets have not won a game.

The school has formed an athletic advisory board to determine which sports are best suited for the school. Membership is comprised of administrators, coaches, and student athletes.

“The student interest level was the basis of the decision not to have a football schedule this season,” said Gottron. “If our student interest shows a desire for the Friday night lights, then we will strive to make that happen. If student interest dictates that we offer other extracurricular opportunities, we will strive to make that happen as well.

“Whether or not we are playing football on Friday nights, our school will be one that prides itself in being an excellent place where students can have numerous opportunities to compete.”

The first advisory board meeting was scheduled for Tuesday after press time.

It had previously been thought that HHS’s football team members could transfer to another Wetzel County school and fill a spot on their football roster. However, West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission Executive Director Gary Ray says that is not true. “The athletes are only eligible at the school they are enrolled in,” said Ray, “They can’t go to another school and participate in any other sports (without sitting out for a year).”

The year-long wait after a transfer is a long-standing WVSSAC rule and has not been waived in this circumstance.