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Renegades Of Dirt To Tour In 2015

By Staff | Jun 18, 2014

Officials from the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour, presented by Arizona Sports Shirts, are excited to announce the unveil of an all-new touring points region for open wheel dirt modified teams in 2015.

One of the nation’s fastest growing touring series is expanding their reach into the southern Mid-Atlantic. The announcement will see the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour unleash “The Beasts of the East” on the southern part of the Mid-Atlantic as part of a 14-15 race slate of events worth “Southern Region” only points, funds, and the title as the “Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour Southern Champion”. Although the Renegades have made past appearances in the region officials are set to increase their foothold in the area with a full fledged season of activities in 2015.

As a result the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour will continue to remain as one standardized dirt modified touring organization but will feature two separate points regions: a “Northern Region” that’s footprint will lead dirt modified racers through Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and a “Southern Region” that will hold a footprint in Virginia, North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and the northern parts of South Carolina and Georgia as possible hosting sites.

The division into two regions will make it much easier for race teams of their area to take on the task of traveling with the tour while spreading out schedules, purse, and points monies. Both tours are predicted to feature 14-15 races, each on separate weekends as the other so that anyone who is up for the grueling but heroic task of tackling both tours can participate in every 2015 Renegade of Dirt Modified event.

Steve Summerlin of Wilson, N.C., has been pinned to handle the “captains role” of the new region. Summerlin displays a wide array of experience in the motorsports industry adding the the task of Renegade regional director and race day manager for the South to his resume.

Although Summerlin will take the leadership role, a stellar staff has been assembled to ensure the quality values of the Renegades of Dirt remain upheld and to assist in the promotional undertaking. Tyler Skinner, Patsy Keisler, JoLynn Athorp, and Wesley Outland will also provide their talents to the tour in 2015 for the Southern Region.

Tyler Skinner brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the racing industry. He has expertise in the day to day racing operations, scoring, directing, and event planning. Tyler prides himself on running high quality and efficient shows. Athorp has experience in the racing industry which she gained at Road America and 311 Speedway. Patsy Keisler comes from the Bell & Bell Vintage Series where she specializes in Public and Press Relations. “Southern Region” announcer and media director will be Wesley Outland. His resume speaks for itself as they look forward to the energy he will bring to the Renegades of Dirt Southern Tour and also as the continued co-host on “The Wanted”.

In the event of any questions or concerns within the ‘Southern Region’ Summerlin should be the point of contact and can be reached via email at steve.summerlin5@gmail.com. Race tracks and area promoters are also encouraged to contact Steve for more information on booking or learning more about the tour.

“After the North Carolina Nationals, working with Steve and Tyler as well as the whole crew at County Line, I could quickly see that if we wanted to do something larger in the South, we would have a great team to do so without losing any part of the “Renegade feel” stated Cody Watson,

Tyler County Speedway and Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour promoter. “Steve shares the same qualities and views as myself. He’s the the perfect fit for our goals on the tour and the great plans we have to support and showcase the racers in the region” added Watson. “I plan to attend all of the events as well, so I will be there to help assist in the newly founded region as needed” concluded Watson.

What this means for the racers of the ‘Southern Region’, simply, a much easier schedule of travel. Those who choose to run just the ‘Southern Region’ will be able to do so without the burden of extra miles and high fuel costs.

The racers in the region will also be able to showcase their race teams in front of their home crowds, family, friends, and direct sponsors at some of dirt modified racing’s ‘coolest’ events. The South will also showcase the same tremendous point fund as the North, featuring a $4,000 dollar championship prize and a guaranteed 10 paying points positions. Some of the possible venues on the planned 2015 Renegade of Dirt ‘Southern Region’ schedule will be Beckley Raceway, Wythe Raceway, Clary’s Speedway, County Line Raceway, 311 Speedway, Fayetteville Motor Speedway, Dublin Motor Speedway, and Lavonia Speedway.

An official schedule won’t be released until later this year, however, race teams should plan to be part of the inaugural 14-15 events of the Renegades of Dirt ‘Southern Regional Tour’. Each event will feature at least the Renegade of Dirt minimum single day $1,500 to win, $150 to start purse unless part of a bigger weekend of events in which more will be paid.

What this means for the ‘Northern Region’, simply, less travel and fuel costs. Those who choose to run just the ‘Northern Region’ for points can do so and nothing will change. The region’s champ will still pocket a healthy four grand for his accomplishments, 10 spots will still earn point fund monies, race team marketing will still remain the same and crucial for the benefits of the team.

The staff and show in the north will remain unchanged and continue to be one of the hottest tickets in the region. An anticipated 14-15 race schedule will showcase the ‘Northern Region’ with many of the same prestigious races on the docket like the annual “Monster Modified Weekend”, the “Let It Ride 55”, the “Dickson Classic”, and the “Duel on Dirt” with a few new venues in the works.

In addition, a $2,000 dollar bonus has been set aside if someone can win both touring regions in the same season. The bonus will push the possible championship winnings to $10,000 dollars in 2015.

The expected 30-race slate of Renegade of Dirt Tour events will see only the strongest try and conquer both regional tours. The task will put the nation’s best dirt modified teams to the test but with a lofty prize hanging in the balance as well as the ultimate title of fame being the first ever Renegade of Dirt Modified Tour ‘National Champion’.

“The decision has been thought out hours and hours and it just seems the perfect thing to do for Eastern Dirt Modified racing. I believe that everyone wins…the promoters, the northern guys, the southern guys, and mostly the fans who get more RoDT action across the East,” said Watson. “The biggest thing for me was and is making sure we consistently put on the best show possible. We will continue everything we’ve done in the North and will do all the same for the South. My commitment to all is that with twice as many tracks, events, and region’s, I will work twice as hard to ensure that no one event, driver, or promoter suffers because of the expansion,” concluded Watson.

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For more information regarding the Renegades of Dirt Modified Tour presented by Arizona Sport Shirts visit the Renegades of Dirt online at www.renegadesofdirt.com.

You can also call Renegade Offices anytime for further information at 304.771.5051. Like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rodconnect or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/rodconnect.

To contact Steve Summerlin about the ‘Southern Region’ you can email him at steve.summerlin5@gmail.com.