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Demolition Derby To Be Held At Tyler County Fair

By Staff | Jul 10, 2013

Thomas Motorsport, LLC will be promoting the Tyler County Fair demolition derby on Aug. 8. Registration begins at 5 p.m., with the derby beginning at 7:30 p.m. The entry fee for drivers is $20; a pit pass can be purchased for $10.

There will be a full-size class. Any year full-size car is permitted, except for 4×4 cars, convertibles, commercial vehicles, and Chrysler Imperials. Police cruisers are allowed.

The compact class includes four-cylinder and six-cylinder vehicles. A 108-inch wheelbase for front wheel drives and 106-inch wheelbase for rear wheel drive applies.

Four-wheel drive cars in this class may be used by removing either the front or rear drive-shaft.

A new class for this year will be the mini class, which includes mini vans, small pickup trucks, and small SUV’s running together as one class.

Prize money and trophies will be awarded to first through fourth places in the full-size class and compact class and first through third places in the mini class.

For more information, contact Thomas Motorsport at 304-889-3256 or visit www.thomasmotorsports.org.