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River Pilots Girls Basketball Camp Concludes Roundball Camp

By Staff | Jul 3, 2013

The annual River High School Basketball Camp is now in the books as another great opportunity for those attending. The 68 campers that took advantage received an education using drills in ball handling, passing, shooting and rebounding skills.

Offense and defense were taught by River Girls’ Head Basketball Coach Rick Isaly and Assistant Coach Brian Williams with the assistance of the girls high school basketball squad as instructional guides.

The campers also enjoyed a number of contests designed to sharpen their basketball skills.

The campers were put into five different groups according to age and gender. In the morning, campers would do stretch and shoot drills for 15 minutes before the camp started getting into major motion.

Every day, campers shot foul shots, three-point shots and practiced hot spots, we well as many different skilled fundamental drills.

The day also included many different types of scrimmage games.

At the end of the week, the top students in each category and gender were awarded medals. In addition, Isaly presented a top Hustle Award and Top Camper award.

In conclusion, the campers gathered in the gym for an awards ceremony in which campers were presented ribbons and camp t-shirts for their outstanding achievements during the week.

This years campers were Bryce Amos, Ayden Blatter, Finn Bowers, Emily Smith, Adrienne Harr, Cy Kraft, Harmony Blattler, Hannah Straub, Tabitha Straub, Reese Hobbs, Nicholas Karpac Brown, Adrienna Karpac Brown, James Hendershot, Kelton Isner, Shaden Isner,

Talon Harr, Kelsey Harlan, Ava Wohnhas, Ian Wohnhas, Kamron Potts, Talon Ady, Will Blake, Shaun Couch, Bradyn Wilson, Derrick Smith, Emily Smith, Avery Kinkade, Tessa Prim, Miranda Weekly, Lucas Dennis, Alli Long, Ty Long, Charlie Longwell,

Kabel Isaly, Landon Schultheis, Brady Harlan, Jonayah Moeller, Jadon Moeller, Ceana Nolton, Morgan Moore, Colton Lawrence, Chase Lawrence, Michael Johnson, Levi Bowers, Kaleb Strese, Aedyn Kraft, Mady Winters, Chyanna White, Raegan Hale, Paige Brill,

Drew Raper, Hanna Raper, Lucas Zombotti, Destiny Crawford, Chelsey Zugars, Elizabeth McConn, Jason Deaton, Kayla Deaton, Tori Headley, Jason Headley,

McKenzie C., Carmen Hinerman, Kylie Kendal, Jadon Moeller, River Thompson, Damon Williams, Bradon Touden, Marke Touden, and Jay Caretti.

High School Counselors were, Amanda Bennett, Haylee Winkler, Jensen Caretti, Ladyn Ramsay, Brielle Williams, Haylee Bowers, Monica Curtis, Mackenzie Marshall, Brissa Marshall, Abby Caldwell, Kendra Earley, Jessica Karpacs, Mikayla Cieszeski, and Devyn Potts. Coaches Brian Williams and Rick Isaly.