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New Year’s Resolutions

By Staff | Jan 2, 2013

I’m the guy who doesn’t make many New Year’s Resolutions, but figure I should do so this year. First of all, I want to be a better Christian, husband, father, Pap-Pap, and sports writer in 2013.

I believe that I have done a pretty good job in the past, but I know that I can always do better. However, to this I must add getting my health up to par and read my Bible daily. Those are things I took for granted in the past.

It’s very hard for me to understand the Bible, but to listen to my minister, Ed Mellott, I can now understand more of what I read. It’s very hard sometimes to turn the other cheek, when you know the people don’t understand what you do as a sports writer. Often, they just want, want, and want and don’t see the forest at all. Or understand there is more than just their hometown or school. But, that’s okay. It’s taken me awhile to understand how readers think, and I know now that I can’t please everyone.

As a husband, I must realize that I must be able to utilize my time better so I can be able to spend more quality time with my wife and the rest of my family.

At work, I must also spend my time better if I want to be able to coach or umpire softball games. I know I need to be able to communicate more with the players and coaches and get to their feelings about the game or match they are in.

I know I need to work more on my talking skills. I know what I want to say. But, sometimes, when it comes out, it’s not what I really wanted to say at all.

As a Pap-Pap and father, I know my task isn’t what it used to be, because my boys are adults now and they must learn on their own. But, I hope they know I’m there for them if they ever need to talk or ask for advice.

I hope that I can do a little better in everything that I do and hope I do them the very best that I can. I would hope you, too, have a few New Year’s resolutions you want to accomplish. I hope you, too, want to give it your very best.

To the Paden City boys and girls basketball teams, as well as the rest of the area school’s that I cover, Happy New Year!