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Hornets Searching For First Victory

By Staff | Oct 17, 2012

Hancock scored 18 points with three minutes left in the first half and held on for a 34-6 victory against Hundred Oct. 12 at Cosgray Field in Hundred.

The Hornets’ Chris Varner and Courtland Armstrong went down late in the first half, part of the reason for Hancock’s 18-point scoring binge. In addition, the Hornets couldn’t capitalize on field position because of turnovers and bad snaps. It wasn’t the same the rest of the game.

However, the Hornets welcomed back Brandon Armstrong and J. P. Hennen to the lineup after major injuries and their presence helped keep the game as close as it was.

Hennen scored his first touchdown of the season – and gained 116-yards to pace the Hundred attack – while Isaac Efaw added 77 yards and Varner added 62 yards. Efaw replaced the injured Varner and Courtland Armstrong at quarterback and completed 1-6 passes for 16 yards to Logan Kuhn. Tyler Koontz also added four yards rushing on one carry.

Defensively, Efaw brought down 11 Hancock ball toters, while Hennen dropped 10, and Brandon White stopped seven Hancock ball carriers.

With only three weeks remaining in the regular season, Hundred will have only two games left to get its first win of the season. The Hornets have a week off before traveling to Toronto Oct. 26 and will end their season at Tygarts Valley High School Nov. 2, with both games scheduled for 7:30 p.m.