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175 Take Part In Quinet 5K

By Staff | Jul 27, 2011

A total of 175 people participated in the second annual Jim Quinet 5K Memorial Run/Walk held Saturday in New Martinsville.

Nathan Harshberger and Molly Colvin were the overall male and female winners in the event. Awards were given in both the run and walk division and according to age groups.

Run winners were as follows.

Overall male: first, Nathan Harshberger, 17:18.91; second, Alex Hinerman, 17:32.34; third, Eric Hamilton, 17:33.76.

Overall female: first, Molly Colvin, 23:31.11; second, Christa Harshberger, 23:35.55; third, Mandi Rymer, 25:24.91.

Overall male runners were, from left: first, Nathan Harshberger; and second, Alex Hinerman. Third place male runner Eric Hamilton is not pictured.

0-9 male: first, Silas McKeever, 38:06.98; second, Weston Henderson.

10-19 male: first, Cameron Benson, 18:27.52; second, Chuck McElaney, 20:52.99; third, Hunter Deem, 22:43.05.

10-19 female: first, Makenna Collins, 30:11.78; second, Katie Ensinger, 31:12.79

20-29 male: first, Jed Perko, 10:40.42; second, Travis Hoyes, 20:58.01; third, Nathan Weese, 21:38.88.

20-29 female: first, Samantha Sturgeon, 27:41.56; second, Christie Minis, 31:42.22; third, Ashley Leek, 33:48.38.

Overall female runners were, from left: first, Molly Colvin; second, Christa Harshberger; and third, Mandi Rymer.

30-39 male: first, Cody Corliss, 21:39.98; second, Shawn Farrah, 21:46.75; third, Brett DeGarmo, 23:08.61.

30-39 female: first, Heather Quinet, 25:33.47; second, Jill Powell, 36:05.25; third, Julie Fletcher, 40:59.07.

40-49 male: first, Bill Gardner, 21:42.31; second, David Benson, 22:31.99; third, R.J. Feldmeier, 23:42.37.

40-49 female: first, Tara Scatterday, 27:19.15; second, Lisa DeGarmo, 31:47.96; third, Jeanne Davis, 32:27.70.

50-59 male: first, Dave Harshberger, 21:07.99; second, John Holliday, 22:34.60; third, Jack Lane, 24:00.25.

Walk winners are pictured, from left: first male, Carl Kondrach; second male, Tim Finkel; third male, Alex Thoburn; first female, Duncan Farrah; second female, Linda Eagle; and third female, Holly Myers.

50-59 female: first, Debora Bennett, 30:35.64; second, Jan Emch, 40:23.45.

60-69 male: first, Mike Barnes, 29:56.44.

Walk winners are as follows.

Overall male: first, Carl Kondrach, 28:31.25; second, Tim Finkel, 30:36.64; third, Alex Thoburn, 34:17.03.

Overall female: first, Duncan Farrah, 34:36.74; second, Linda Eagle, 36:09.13; third, Holly Myers, 38:24.74.

Pictured are winners in the inaugural Ohio River Racing Series that included the Jim Quinet 5K Memorial Run/Walk and the Paden City Foundation 5K Run and Walk. From left: David Benson, second place, run; Cameron Benson, first place, run; Linda Eagle, second place, walk; and Alex Thoburn, first place, walk.

0-9 male: first, Mason Nichols, 38:27.60.

0-9 female: first, Paige Brill, 49:37.89.

10-19 male: first, Benji Tajwall, 48:34.85; second, Brendan Kacor, 50:59.37.

10-19 female: first, Morgan Dawson, 42:04.64; second, Tiffany Blatt, 42:05.35; third, Emily Amos, 44:47.56.

20-29 female: first, Chelsea Amos, 44:48.03.

30-39 female: first, Kristy Hendershot, 42:18.51; second, Marsha Wildman, 47:21.51; third, Heather Rine, 50:12.82.

40-49 male: first, John Salvati, 44:42.84; second, Jeff Amos, 44:47.13; third, Scott Simonton, 47:19.46.

40-49 female: first, Elizabeth Melott, 38:42.70; second, Sandy Hinerman, 41:49.35; third, Jamie Benson, 42:30.36.

50-59 male: first, Jeff Perko, 35:11.42; second, Keith Nelson, 40:28.24; third, C.J. Myers, 41:59.18.

50-59 female: first, Lois Ebeling, 40:55.70; second, Jeanne Barnes, 40:59.75; third, Emma Priest, 44:34.91.

60-69 male: first, B.J. Ebeling, 44:12.13; second, Terry Zuber, 45:43.03; third, Bill Stuart, 53:01.47.

60-69 female: first, Liz Miller, 38:53.00; second, Sharon Hendershot, 42:22.03; third, Tina Neil, 45:42.47.

70-99 male: first, Roy Thomas, 37:05.52; second, Paul Thomas, 41.43.11; third, H.J. Rogers, 49:56.56.

All proceeds from the race support a scholarship fund in memory of the late Jim Quinet, owner of Quinet’s Court Restaurant, who was a standout Christian athlete and always carried a smile with him. The 2011 scholarship winners were Brendan Kacor and Timmy Shreves.

The event was sponsored by New Martinsville Rotary, Quinet’s Court Restaurant, Wetzel-Valley Agencies, Valley Towing, Creighton’s Sports Center, Jarvis-Williams Funeral Homes, Witschey’s, RCS Printing, Councilman Joel Potts III, JC Mensore Distributing, WesBanco, Quinet’s Lunch Bunch, Bill and Beulah Talkington, and Bill Talkington’s Gun Shop.

At the Jim Quinet 5K Memorial Run/Walk trophies were also given in the inaugural Ohio River Racing Series. The series was the Quinet event and the Paden City Foundation 5K Run and Walk held on June 4. It is the brainchild of Foundation Race Director Rodney McWilliams and Matt Quinet. Quinet, a very successful runner and tri-athlete, and McWilliams, a participant in local 5K and Half-Marathon races, discussed the idea last year during the WV Oil and Gas Big Moses 5K in Sistersville.

“It’s great the two organizations can work together with the racing series,” Quinet commented.  “It’s a great way for the two communities to partner on a project.” McWilliams agreed, adding,

“Several people in our immediate area participate in running and walking and the racing series is a good way to motivate folks to participate even more.

Winners in the series were son and father Cameron and David Benson as first and second, respectively, in the run division and Alex Thoburn and Linda Eagle as first and second, respectively, in the walk division.