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Hamilton Wins Jim Quinet Memorial 5K Run/Walk Race

By Staff | Jul 28, 2010

Start of the First Annual Jim Quinet 5K Run/Walk Memorial Race

Their were 117 brave souls weathering the heat to compete in the inaugural Jim Quinet 5K Run/Walk Memorial, Saturday on Main Street, New Martinsville.

Eric Hamilton crossed the finish line in front of Quinet’s Court Restaurant in 18:38.61 seconds to claim the men’s and overall title, while Maggie Drazba was the first female runner and seventh overall at 20:42.84.

Local residents Mike Herrick and MHS Cross Country Coach John Holliday placed 11th and 13th overall. The overall top male walker in the race was Carl Kondrach at 32:16.36, while Amanda Windland was the top female and the ninth overall walker.

The final contestant in the Memorial Race was Amanda Nichols, who came strolling down Main Street in 57:44.62. The youngest competitor was one-year-old Nathan Whiteside, while the oldest male and female runners were Bill Hornbrook, 66 and Tina Neil, 64.

Kaye Forbes was the oldest female walker at 75 years young and Les Douglas, 79, was the oldest male walker.

A list of all the participants in the 5K Run/Walk and their times is posted below. Pictures from the event have been posted on the Wetzel Chronicle’s photo sharing Web site, cu,wetzelchronicle.com.


Place Name Sex Age Time

1Hamilton, EricM 1818:38.61

2Wilcox, JordanM1918:47.28

3Drazba, CharlieM1618:57.62

4Hinerman, AbeM1619:19.20

5Eckels, LoganM1719:27.05

6Perkey, BrynM1919:27.45

7Drazba, MaggieF1520:42.84

8Johnson, RyanM3620:49.69

9Quinet, NicholasM1821:23.89

10Haught, JamesM1521:32.05

11Herrick, MikeM4421:35.80

12Taylor, MikeM5422:09.59

13Holliday, JohnM5222:28.40

14Scatterday, SethM1322:55.40

15Hoyes, TravisM1922:59.02

16Wilson, NikkiF3423:04.49

17Zuber, TerrenceM6123:14.51

18Eskew, ErikM4223:24.50

19Feldmeier, R.J.M4523:50.63

20Luter Jr, DaunM2324:09.19

21Windland, J.M3124:13.63

22Wilson, SkipM3624:20.51

23Frey, BrandonM1525:04.55

24Meilvath, DavidM1325:13.87

25McWilliams, R.M4425:41.76

26Hart, BernieM6025:55.51

27Hornbrook, BillM6626:18.58

28Feldmeier, T.F4926:42.11

29Logston, JoanneF4127:13.07

30Daugherty, JohnM4327:13.34

31Gorrell, SteveM3327:14.36

32Raber, MikalM 15 27:26.31

33Haught, JohnnyM2927:30.41

34Rush, ChrisF3127:42.03

35Scatterday, C.M4228:05.65

36Phillips, DeniseF28 29:17.03

37Scatterday, TaraF4129:17.37

38Scatterday, AlyF2030:15.17

39Quinet, ChrisM4530:26.54

40Nichols, TommyM6330:27.45

41Hill, AmandaF3230:39.50

42Bowen, CorkM6330:43.56

43Jahn, Barbara JF6231:01.74

44Wheeler, AprilF4131:12.80

45Frey, SherryF3931:19.40

46 Neil, TinaF6431:25.59

47Goddard, C.F5831:56.50

48Collins, M.F14 32:05.64

49Meale, OttM5032:39.46

50Davis, JeanneF4833:04.52

51Scatterday, DrewM1136:58.40

52Snider, MarleyF1638:57.09

53McIlvain, EmilyF1239:24.46

54Parsons, KathrynF5244:13.13


1Kondrach, CarlM3832:16.36

2Stouffer, JimM6032:16.70

3Cunningham, W.M6534:22.50

4Zalenski, DonM6434:46.32

5Carpenter, M.lM5035:47.10

6Wheeler, JamesM3935:52.75

7Thomas, RoyM6935:57.63

8Doll, ErnestM7336:11.13

9Windland, A.F3136:13.10

10Brown, DrewM6336:45.42

11Melott, ElizabethF4338:00.44

12Myers, HollyF4838:00.78

13Czap, DebraF5338:25.34

14Douglas, LesM7939:27.81

15Hendershot, S.F6441:36.12

16Hendershot, K.F3641:36.71

17Baxter, BobM5742:43.52

18Phillips, KathyF5142:43.85

19Ebert, CharlotteF4544:09.83

20Elliot, DawnF5044:13.75

21Shepherd, V.F26 45:01.34

22Shepherd, ReneeF2045:01.75

23Shepherd, KaylaF2045:11.06

24Fefmeier, BobM7146:25.67

25Blatt, JanetF4846:26.47

26Blatt, JoeM4546:27.13

27Meyers, C. J.M5047:04.04

28Herrick, MindyF5447:05.66

29Anderson, LarryM4847:44.81

30Bridgeman, KathyF4647:46.44

31Pennell, TomM4547:57.80

32Ellis, TammyF4648:02.01

33Coffield, BobM4448:04.25

34Pennell, GaleF4248:50.34

35Rine, HeatherF3548:50.93

36Thorn, JillF4249:28.33

37McGill, JanetF6649:28.84

38Wade, TammyF3849:42.04

39Wade, M.F1349:42.33

40Forbes, VikkiF5649:51.41

41Shepherd, TimM5549:51.71

42Thomas, PauM7650:16.05

43Whitesell, N.M150:16.61

44Whitesell, K.F3850:18.13

45Freeland, DaltonM1050:20.51

46Quinet, NancyF3250:53.61

47Forbes, KayeF7551:19.59

48Stuart, BillM6751:20.68

49Forbes, BillM5551:21.22

50Shepherd, ChadM2653:22.91

51Hinerman, R.M4953:23.54

52Nichols, GaryM3553:24.82

53Myers, RandyM6153:25.43

54Quinet, LynnF4653:30.00

55Toppe, MollieF2753:34.62

56Jennings, JohnM2653:35.26

57Blain, BarbF3953:35.77

58Dalrymple, RitaF7353:47.65

59Ellis, ChristyF3653:47.93

60Morgan, DeeF4554:01.26

61Morgan, AckM4855:58.53

62Placer, AlishaF2855:58.77

63Nichols, A.F3557:44.62

Names in boldface denote first place finish in the age category.