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Letter to the Editor – Beulah Talkington

By Staff | Sep 1, 2021

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Chuck Clegg for his story of “The Perfect Season.” I remember some of it vividly.

The summer of 1961 was very stressful with my husband on strike from PPG. It was a real struggle to pay the house payment and utility bills. Not knowing how long the strike would last, I canned all the food I could find for our winter supply. Needing some stress relief, we got a free babysitter for our two little boys and attended the Magnolia – Sistersville football game.

I delightfully saw Bill Mullett, on the first play, return that 93 yard touchdown. The second play, he was lying motionless on the filed as an injured player. I was sitting within arms reach of his mother, June Mullett. She was using all the strength she had to remain calmly in her seat, I on the other hand was sobbing uncontrollably. At that moment, I decided my two sons, Ron & Percy, would NEVER play football. Sometime later I discovered I had been under the added stress of being pregnant for my daughter, Belinda.

It was 40 years before I attended another football game. My grandson, Ted Talkington, had three games behind him with Magnolia Varsity before I got the courage to watch. Others told me he was playing smart and so far un-hurt so I ventured to a game. Watching him play taught me to ALMOST enjoy football.

Thanks again to Chuck Clegg for giving me those written details of an unforgettable memory.

Beulah Talkington