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The Voice of the People – Letter to the Editor

By Staff | May 5, 2021

To the Editor,

A second meeting of patriots who wish to advocate for constitutional rights and greater local control is planned for Thursday, May 6 at 6 p.m. This time it will take place in the Sistersville Public Library. Concerned members of the community are welcome, and any questions can be addressed in advance by emailing alkwriter@outlook.com.

Some reasons as to why this effort was started:

To inspire MANY local candidates to run for public office in the coming years, thus increasing voting options for the people. Competition not only works best for the consumer, but it should also be a guiding principle for elections. Sadly, choice is lacking in our political system (especially at local levels). An increase of people willing to run should lead to wider, solution-based discussions. While current public servants and candidates for office are strongly encouraged to attend our meetings, the group at large will not endorse a particular campaign. The goal is to maintain a townhall-style atmosphere where the will of the people takes priority.

To workshop and recommend policies that protect the people from government and corporate overreaches.

To make government bureaucrats at multiple levels and agencies more accountable to the people they serve.

To show the importance of independent research and investigative journalism, both of which are lacking these days. Remember that you are the news.

To plan, promote, and put on community events shedding an educational light on the importance of freedom. Entertainers and vendors who are not afraid to join us should get in touch soon.

Of utmost importance, this effort is civil. At the core, we aim to connect the will of the people with officials who were elected and appointed to serve us. Therefore, as critical as we may be at times, we must also recognize that it is our own duty to express our desires to those who represent us. We should give them a chance to act on behalf of our voices rather than immediately admonishing them for not representing an overall opinion that was too silent for them to even hear.

When the silent majority is too silent, it risks losing its voice altogether. We do not need to be loud. Just more vocal.

Also, thank you to Khara Wren and Rich Ebert, who are also key organizers behind this freedom campaign.

Sincerely, A.L. King

Sistersville, WV