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Forensic Audits – Letter to the Editor

By Staff | May 5, 2021

Dear Editor,

One of the most transparent, forensic audits is happening in Maricopa County, Arizona. It’s historical and if you have been paying attention, you know the State Senators of Arizona have done the right thing under their state constitution as they have every right to. The citizens got involved and wanted results. Questions have been raised since the hearings were held. Why do we need to pay attention? What difference does it make? Will something come of it?

The American citizens should have the right to know if those ballots are valid and if there was voter fraud as it affects our rights and votes too! Every state in the union was affected by the outcome of five counties in five states. If you think it doesn’t matter and Joe Biden should still be lauded as the winner, you are not paying attention. It will affect you in the futrue! If the 2020 election was transparent, why are they fighting so hard in Arizona to stop it? Why are they throwing every stopgap measure to keep the Arizonians from getting the answers they deserve? What do they have to hide? We should all want an answer, one way or another and put this to rest.

As American citizens, if we don’t demand accountability, every vote we cast in the future can be manipulated. Why were voting machines connected to the internet and the results sent over seas to Germany, Italy, China, you name it. I knew this years ago. Why? Our votes have no business being sent overseas.

We can’t fix that which we don’t understand. One article I read states: Just two vendors, Election Systems and Software, LLC (ES7S) and Dominion Voting ——account for 80 percent of U.S. election equipment. Thus, corrupt insiders and/or foreign hackers could wreck havoc on elections throughout the U.S. by infiltrating either of these vendors. I believe this did occur and I believe our military has proof …..but time will tell. Without knowledge of the facts, the American public is at grave risk of being scrammed by pretend fixes to a system that is corrupted to the core.

It doesn’t matter if you vote Democrat, Independent, or Republican in the future if we don’t have voter ID in every state. We should all want everyone’s vote to count……Legitimately.

Keep in mind that whatever comes from this audit, we, as Americans, must fight for election integrity and pray that voter ID will be a path forward in every state of these United States of America.

Linda Duke,

Paden City, W