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By Staff | Mar 6, 2019

Dear Editor,

Is “progressive” a bad word? Isn’t moving forward another phrase for the word “progressive?” Who in our state doesn’t want progress?

It is conceivable that many would be happy to see our state progressing by putting people over profits and putting communities over corporations. When our citizens are enacting the levers of power as opposed to corporations monopolizing all the power, we will begin to realize, and enjoy, progress.

You need to know that slowly but surely, there is a “quiet” effort being planned and energized to give YOU, the “common citizen,” the forgotten citizen, an opportunity to put your hands on that lever of power. There won’t be any need to wrestle it away from those that have it now. Once the change is made, you will be offered to express your thoughts. More importantly, your thoughts will have impact, impact more so than corporations.

West Virginia can’t wait so the effort has begun. It is coming! Watch for it.

Denny Longwell

New Martinsville