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From Joseph Morris

By Staff | Aug 29, 2018

To The Editor,

The Republican Party has filed a motion to the West Virginia Supreme Court asking the court to let them “intercede” in our candidate’s efforts to get on the election ballot as a member of the Constitution Party. The Republicans claim that they fear a “splintering and excessive factionalism” of their party. They say they want to guard against divisive “intra-party” fights “after the party has chosen its nominee.” But the Republicans are ignoring the fact that the “factionalism” they claim to want to prevent “after the primary” has actually been created by the party itself “during the primary.”

Melody Potter, the West Virginia Republican Party Chairwoman, says forty-five other states have “sore loser” laws. What she misses is the point that matters the most. West Virginia does not have a legal “sore loser” law. Melody is also quoted as saying that by seeking to be on the ballot, Mr. Blankenship is seeking “to make West Virginia a legal outlier.” But Melody misses the point again. The truth is that the Republican Party is attempting to enforce a piece of legislation that is clearly unconstitutional. Enforcing unconstitutional legislation is the quintessential definition of being a “legal outlier.” (Truth takes searching)

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Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville, W.Va.