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By Staff | Dec 13, 2017

To the Editor,

To the volunteers/attendees and the donors of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters’ Silent Auction:

Of course it goes without saying that the sponsors made the event possible. They will be recognized again in a follow-up article in this paper. Please support our sponsors!

First, we want to thank all the patrons who attended and/or bought tickets and bid on our wonderful donated items. We have very active attendees who helped the shelter raise the most we ever have with our auction – more than $8,000.

Next we would like to thank the Wetzel County WVU Extension Office and the Wetzel County Commission for the wonderful venue, and Bob Sellers for making sure the tables were set up and ready.

We want to thank the volunteers who worked so hard getting donations for the auction, for helping to set-up and clean-up, cooking, and purchasing items. Please be assured that you are very appreciated, and the event would not have been possible without you!

A “Thank You” goes to Ben Tharp, who volunteered his time to entertain the attendees, with great reviews. Those who helped prior, or during the event: Pamela Ferrell, Debra King, Teresa, Lauren, and Matthew Gaiser, Patrick Mirandy, Rachel Lilze and Hannah Kirkland, Julia Lilze, Melissa Dinger, Carie Dawson, Rian Dawson, Kathy Sulsberger, Kevin, Connie, Alex, Andrew and Addy Yeager, Debbie Smith, Cassie Shreve, Debbie Talkington, Robin Spencer, Christy Weaver, Becci Loy, Katelin Shriver, Susan Stackpole, and Maggie Hornbeck.

Thank you to the Wetzel Chronicle, Channel 15, Radio 99.5, and Green Tab who all advertised for us and got the event info into so many homes, as well as all the businesses who allowed us to put flyers and posters in their stores!

It will take more than one letter to thank all the businesses who donated so this will be one letter of two or three. If you donated, and your name is not in either letter, please contact us, and we will correct that. Many items came in late with volunteers and may not have gotten documented, and we don’t want to miss anyone!

Thank You,


Rosy Cozart and Pam