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From Joseph J. Morris

By Staff | Nov 8, 2017

To the Editor:

Some food for thought, my thought on it and this buffet looks like garbage to me.

While the news of the Las Vegas massacre is still warm news, some thoughts that run through my head on that subject are these.

My first thought is, was the concert a no-gun zone? Most of the shootings seem to occur in gun-free zones.

Then my next thought, I wonder if the shooter had a copy of The Catcher in the Rye, since most people who commit suicide leave a note. I didn’t read where he left one. My thinking on this, could he have been a Manchurian Candidate set up to give the New World Order members in Congress and Senate ammo to impose gun control.

Gun control is like putting the high-diving board in the shallow end of the pool because someone might drown in the deep end.

Just because someone pees in the swimming pool, should we give up swimming?

These were my first thoughts, maybe I may get second thoughts. So for now this old malcontent wil sign off.

Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville