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From Henry Gump Family

By Staff | Nov 8, 2017

To the Editor,

When saying “Thank you” sometimes seems inadequate… You say “Thank you” when someone opens the door for you, or when you drop something and they pick it up, because your hands are full. Somehow that “Thank you” seems to fit.

When you have a great loss of a wonderful friend, Husband, father and caring man, saying “Thank you” to all that came to help, that “Thank you” seems inadequate. So from the “Gump family” we say “Thank you” and so much more.

Our hearts were filled from all the kindness and love that we received with the passing of Henry Howard Gump.

A special Thanks to those people that cared for him during this time of need – Wetzel County Hospital and staff, Wetzel County Home Care and staff, Ohio Valley Hospital and staff, Genesis Health Care Center, and Journey Hospice.

Thank you to those people who brought food – Captain Richards, Olive Seckman, Steve and Liz Roll, Sue Neff, Tim Lancaster and Chris Ebert, Dave Springer, Tonya Jenkins, Kim Graham, Roberta Beaver, and Dana Yoho.

We also thank Anderson Excavating for the use of their chairs.

Also, a big thank you to the American Legion, 67 and 86, and the V.F.W. Also, thank you to Pastor Darrell Mayfield and his wife. Thank you to Grisell Funeral Home’s staff.

Also, thank you to all who attended the viewing, funeral, sent gifts, cards, and flowers, made a phone call, or just acknowledged our loss. We “Thank You” and so much more.

The Henry Gump Family