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From Rev. Dr. Victor L. Hunter

By Staff | Apr 5, 2017

To The Editor,

Since commercial advertising plays such a large role in promoting certain cultural values, it seems to me to be important to call attention to advertisements that go beyond the pale of human decency and moral sensitivity.

One such disgusting example is a current television advertisement by SuddenLink that shows an apparently heart broken woman weeping over a bill from the advertiser’s competitor.

Human suffering and grief should not be belittled in such fashion as this commercial does. Human anguish should never be the butt end of a bad joke. This commercial reveals not only bad taste, but ignorance of any form of genuine human suffering and the grief which accompanies it.

It should be an embarrassment to SuddenLink and should call forth an apology from them. If it is not and does not, then let the commercial itself stand as its own rebuke of the company’s bad taste, insensitivity, and offensiveness.

Rev. Dr. Victor L. Hunter

New Martinsville, W.Va.