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From Thomas E. Trader, Sr.

By Staff | Dec 21, 2016

Letter to the Editor,

A question, what is a stop sign and red light for? To stop traffic and to keep motorists safe from accidents. This is not the case at the light of Route 2 and Route 7. It seems that the people coming from Route 7 onto Route 2 do not know what the red light is for. I have watched dump trucks, tanker trucks and all other vehicles drive through the light and not even slow down. They pull out in front of cars.

My wife and I have almost gotten hit several times. I have witnessed countless accidents almost happening there. Someone is going to get hurt or killed at this intersection. The light is a good idea because it was hard to get out on Route 2 there. But it is going to have to be monitored better before someone gets hurt very badly. The tanker truck that I watched drive through the light never slowed down. It is the law that you can make a right turn on red after you stop and make sure there is no other traffic coming. Thank you.

God Bless

Thomas E. Trader, Sr.

Paden City, WV