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From Cody Corliss

By Staff | Dec 7, 2016

Dear Editor,

The recently announced closing of the Hundred detachment of the West Virginia State Police Department should remind everyone in Wetzel County of an important lesson: Elections have consequences.

In summer of 2014, the State Police considered closing the Hundred detachment. At the time, our elected representatives in Charleston – Senators Edgell and Kessler and Delegate Pethtel – came through to protect Wetzel County’s interests in Charleston. The Hundred detachment was saved.

What’s different this time? The voters of 2nd District made a big mistake in failing to re-elect Senator Edgell to the State Senate in November 2014. Instead, this District voted for Kent Leonhardt (R-Monongalia).

In the short time that Senator Leonhardt was our Senator, he sure showed his true colors – he spent his days collecting a fat check and obstructing progress in Charleston. All the while, he and his fellow Republican leaders couldn’t even come together to pass to budget on time, wasting additional thousands of taxpayer dollars.

To top it off, Senator Leonhardt didn’t even have the decency to serve a full term on the job. He used the Senate seat as a springboard to statewide office. And as a parting kick to all of us, the Hundred detachment is now closing.

I want to thank Delegate Pethtel for doing all he could to save the Hundred detachment. It’s a shame that Senator Leonhardt seemed to have other priorities.


Cody Corliss