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From Kayla Bierce

By Staff | Nov 9, 2016

To the Editor,

The Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc. and the Olive Branch Animal Rescue & Refuge, Inc. would like to thank all those who supported the 14th, and final, Mutt Strut. A total of $7704.30 was raised after expenses!

We would like to thank those who advertised for us, which include WETZ Radio, The Green Tab, The Chronicle, Channel 15 and all the businesses that allowed us to put signs in the windows and pamphlets on the counters!

We would also like to thank the WVU extension Office and the Wetzel County Commission for use of the 4-H grounds. We would have nothing without the supporters and those who got pledges for us !

And of course all the volunteers help make the event possible. Volunteers include: Misty and Alyssa Keener, Talon Ferrell, Megan Henry, Dwight and Carol Orr, Sarah Crookshanks, Christy Weaver, Mike and Rosy Cozart, Robin Wright, Nikki Goddard, Heather Skinner, Cathie Wells, Beth Young, Jean Ann Gump, Connie, Alex, Andrew, and Addie Yeager, Becci Loy, Mellissa Dinger, Kayla Myers, Sean Grimm, Tembra Thompson, Katelin Shriver, Debra King, Rachel, Hannah and Julia Lilze, Deloris Murdock, Pam Ferrell, Leslie Manley, Susan Fair, Pam Lacefield, Cassie Shreve, Kara Starkey, Madison Ritz, Bob Sellers, Kenny Lafferty, Stacy, Kelsi, Megan, Abby and Taylor Vandruff, Meghan Canino, Vickie Folden, Tammy Forester, Linda Henricksen, and Greg Goodfellow;

If you were not recognized in this letter, please let us know. Everyone was so important!


Kayla Bierce