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From Joseph Morris

By Staff | Oct 5, 2016

To The Editor,

Food for thought, part two…

Hasn’t this been working on the U.S. population since the Civil War?

With maybe the exception of WWI and the Korean war or police action whichever you prefer, although I still am searching.

I will start off with the Civil War. The federal government told South Carolina that it would turn over control of Fort Sumter to them when they had used up their supplies, but South Carolina caught the North resupplying the fort by night from ships.

When they found out they had been lied to, they decided to evict the liars.

The federal government then told the northern states the south had attacked Fort Sumter without provocation, and they were going to retaliate, and free the slaves while doing so.

Sounds to me like a False Flag.

Next, let’s look at the Battle Ship Maine. Recent findings indicate it might have been scuttled. If so, then another False Flag?

World War One is kind of iffy, so I will pass on it.

World War Two is a different story. Roosevelt wanted to help his friend Winston Churchill in his war with Adolf Hitler, but he knew the American people would not stand for it. So, he took a different route by going through the back door with Japan. He antagonized Japan with embargoes until Japan had enough and decided to declare war.

Roosevelt plan was falling into place, but he needed a surprise attack. So, when Kimmel sent out reconnaissance ships around the islands, Roosevelt command the order, telling Kimmel that if Japan would attack, it would be from the south.

On Dec. 7, 1941, Roosevelt’s plan fell into place, and of course Japan attacked from the north.

But, someone had to blamed for letting it happen, so Kimmel and Short had to be the fall guys.

Sure smells to me like a False Flag!

Part three later.

Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville, W.Va.