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From Leonard McIe

By Staff | May 11, 2016

Dear Editor,

As a free American citizen, I have the right of freedom of speech, as with our news publications, which I read many. And with the right to vote in our free elections, I ask, is America really a lunatic asylum? What really is a lunatic? Is lunatic just a description or a label? Is a lunatic really an equal with equal rights? Is Ted Cruz really too moral for today’s societies, and is Ted Cruz just too independent-minded for our government, which seems to be an established system, which doesn’t work anymore to start with? These questions I ask.

And as with our state elections, I think Republican candidate Bill Cole is the right candidate for governor of West Virginia. And I think West Virginia state highways and back-country roads should be a priority for Bill Cole if he is elected governor.

As to natural gas pipelines, personal private properties and taxpayers, who is it that works hard common labor to pay for our properties and pay the taxes on it just so big business politicians can give right-of-ways through it to someone else? What is a taxpayer or a property owner? And what are these pipelines and gas companies doing to these properties and our fresh water supply? These questions I ask.

“Daddy will you take me back home down the country roads to where paradise was? And with our tax dollars the pretty politicians play. While we do the mud turtle crawl and sing the hillbilly blues.”

Do taxpayers and property owners have the rights to sell our property to rich millionaires in Florida and California so they can run rights-of-way through Almost Heaven – Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, to pipe their sewage and industrial wastes for proper storage on their own properties also?

“Then these pretty politicians in two-piece suits can also have a proper environment to do the mud turtle crawl and sing the pretty politicians blues?”

As an American citizen I do like to express my freedoms of speech.

Leonard McIe

French Creek, W.V.