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From Joseph M. Klug

By Staff | Apr 6, 2016

Dear Editor,

To our special friends in Charleston Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Bill Cole, Jeff Kessler, and the rest of our friends in the capital… Thank you.

Thank you for not passing a budget before election time. I’m sure there is a couple million dollars laying around to pay for a special session.

Thank you for raising the state employees’ health insurance deductibles.

Thank you for wanting to lay off 87 state police officers when our drug crime is so high.

Thank you for building a plant with our tax money to employee 700 people, while thousands of coal miners and associated people are losing their jobs, no tax breaks there.

Thank you for giving out-of-state gas companies tax breaks, while they destroy our landscape, our roads, and so neatly litter our highways.

Thank you for Corridor H that has been in the works since 1965 – three billion dollars, 130 miles long when finished, no completion time in site.

Thank you for the good ol’ boys club, where you take care of each other with tax breaks and other perks before you take care of the people of WV.

Senator Joe Manchin is the only one who is trying to help West Virginia.

And a special thanks for taking our state, knocking it off the foundation of which it was built, and flushing it down the toilet.

Joseph M. Klug

Proctor, WV