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From Carl J. Roncaglione, Jr.

By Staff | Apr 6, 2016

Dear Editor,

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of overwhelming support to endorse the candidacy of Cindy Glasscock – a lifelong West Virginian, wife, mother – for the Office of Circuit Clerk of Wetzel County in the upcoming 2016 election. I am a licensed attorney-at-law in Charleston. I concentrate my practice of law to construction law, but other areas as well.

I have had the pleasure of representing and working with Cindy Glasscock and her family for many years. She has seen, and worked, in the judificial system up close. I came to know and be introduced to Cindy Glasscock and her family in 1997 through a close, mutual friend – the late Linda Pell, my former bookkeeper. As it turned out, I could not have been luckier in life. Meeting and coming to know Cindy Glasscock and her family meant having a friend for life. Cindy Glasscock, head and shoulders above the rest, will be a treasurered asset and visionary for Wetzel County, the Circuit Clerk’s office, the judicial system, and the West Virginia practicing bar, as the next circuit clerk. She understands the needs of the civil and criminal justice system in West Virginia and the resources and people who work within that system. For that reason, she is an outstanding candidate for the Office of Circuit Clerk of Wetzel County.

I have experienced first-hand Cindy’s hard work ethic, her thoroughness, honesty, fairness, and integrity. As a licensed paramedic, Cindy’s professionalism, service, and ability to work with others, is simply beyond reproach. She has vast experience in working with law enforcement and emergency medical services in and around Wetzel County. These are all skills and talents that a candidate must have to serve as a Circuit Clerk. Glasscock’s commitment and dedication to Wetzel County and West Virginia are unquestionable. She is resourceful, reliable, and considerate. Her strong education, background, experience and related talents and skills professionally and personally have also served her well, wearing many hats in business and life, successfully. Cindy enjoys an excellent reputation in the community. She has earned it, and may rightfully stand behind it as the candidate in the 2016 election for the Office of Circuit Clerk of Wetzel County.

I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation as a resounding endorsement in support of Cindy Glasscock’s candidacy, desire to serve her community, and West Virginia, as the next Circuit Clerk of Wetzel County.

Carl J. Roncaglione, Jr.

Charleston, WV