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From Leonard C. McIe

By Staff | Mar 9, 2016

Dear Editor,

The issues of my letter are with our 2016 presidential elections and state elections, the candidates and the issues.

I think Ohio governor John Kasich could be a conservative, a stable middleground between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But I think Ted Cruz will have to settle down and get back to his basic politics which got him the attention and interest in him to make him a serious candidate. And stop trying to go toe-to-toe with donald Trump. What do we really know about Donald Trump?

And as with our state elections, I think David McKinley is the most qualified of our Congressmen. And I think David McKinley is the most likely to serve all of West Virginia, and the taxpayers and voters that elected him. And I think that 2016 would be a good year for the Mountain Party if the Mountain Party had serious candidates with at least some kind of political experience to challenge the candidates of the major parties. And as an American citizen, I do like to exercise my rights and freedoms of speech, as with our news publications, which I read many.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, W.Va.