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From Leonard C. McIe

By Staff | Feb 3, 2016

Dear Editor,

As with our 2016 presidential and state elections, the subject of my letter deals with politics, candidates, and issues.

When is the Mountain Party going to get candidates with at least enough political experience to challenge the candidates of the major party system, to at least have a chance of being heard – – someone who would represent the tax payers and the voters which vote them into office once they are elected? These questions I ask?

And as with the presidential elections, I think Ted Cruz and Rand Paul would work well as president and vice president. And I think if Rand Paul would serve at least one term as vice president, he would have the exposure and previous experience to be a solid candidate in the 2020 presidential election.

I think Ted Cruz as being more of an independent conservative and Rand Paul being libertarian Republican instead of third-party libertarian. This could give the Republican Party a wider range of area with voters and more pull at attracting different types of voters, and as with special-interest groups as well as the undecided voters on Election Day. And I do not think this is the time for Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush.

As with Donald Trump, what will we really be getting if he is elected? I myself did think in 2012 that Mitt Romney acted like he could be a mad man that could start a nuclear conflict or World War III. And as an American citizen I do like to exercise my rights of freedom of speech, as with our news publications, which I read many.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, West Virginia