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From Bonnie J. Hair

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

Dear Editor:

I’ve had an enlightening experience with a Jackson Towing in New Martinsville, WV and felt the need to caution others.

Unfortunately, my husband went off the road Friday December 20th and wrecked his vehicle. In all the confusion we did grab out of the truck the parcels he had purchased. I heard my husband mention to the officers that he needed to call a tow truck and the officers were kind enough to advise they had called Jackson Towing. I had come to pick him up so we were both at the site when the tow truck pulled in. He loaded the truck and returned to his garage in New Martinsville.

As this was Friday evening, there wasn’t much we felt we could accomplish Saturday or Sunday. Saturday my husband searched till he found a number for Jackson’s and called them to arrange to pay for the towing. It was decided he would come in Monday and pay the bill. The driver advised my husband that cars on their lot were being broken into and he asked my husband if he wanted him to clean out the truck. My husband is very particular with his vehicles so this involved only pulling out a box from behind the driver’s seat (19″ x 8″ X 11″) with a hitch, a plastic zip lock bag from the glove compartment, his phone charger in the glove compartment, an organizer off the visor and a piece of plastic console in the center used to hold drinks. My husband thanked him for his concern and said that would be great if he could put the stuff in the office until we could get in. The driver never mentioned a charge for this service. Imagine our surprise when we went to pick up the truck that there was a $70 charge for doing this. I asked them “seriously”? $70 for that? If they had told us this was going to be charges at this exorbitant rate, I would have said, leave it, we will drive in tomorrow and I’ll take my chances for one night. Nothing in the truck was worth $70.

We also discovered when we paid the bill that there was a $30.00 “storage” fee for every day the truck was at his garage. I was informed this is charged from the minute is arrives on his lot. So not only is he now getting paid for the towing, he has changed us additional fees because it went to his place. Had the driver informed us of this charge, I would have told him to tow the vehicle to my house. It was just as far from the scene as his garage and I certainly would not have incurred additional expenses to an already tragic happening. When we paid the bill, there was also another charge of $45 for accessories.

Can’t really tell you what this was. I expected to have to tow bill but the rest of these charges were not disclosed until they had possession of our vehicle. We paid this man $460.

We sent someone to pick up the truck. Jackson has pulled it into their lot with the front facing inward. The people we sent to retrieve it for us, after we had paid this unfair bill, asked his men if they would turn it around as it would be easier for them to load with the front facing out. Jackson’s men refused.

I’m calling it live and learn. I thought everyone else should be aware of the way Mr. Jackson does business. I’m calling this live and learn as I don’t seem to have any other choice, but I am also calling it bad business practices and taking advantage of an unknowing population in Wetzel and surrounding counties. Be wary!

Bonnie J. Hair