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From Rich Erlewine

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

Leave No Doubt –

This letter is in response to Executive Sports Editor Bubba Kapral’s assessment of the Class A final football game in which the Magnolia Blue Eagles dominated every phase of the game. I’m happy that he took in the game, but he will have to take in many more to catch me, as I have been watching Magnolia High School football for 55 years. I watched an undefeated team not make the play-offs in 1961 due to the fact there was only two teams in each class in the play-offs. Was that fair? No, that’s life Mr. Kapral. Have you read the book, “Bill Stewart – In His Own Words?” Mountaineer rules for living: Rule #1 – Life’s not fair – Get used to it! To insinuate that East Hardy should not have been in the play-off final as the result of a bad call you didn’t see is ridiculous! Apparently you didn’t see the Magnolia-Central game either. Magnolia totally dominated the game and Central scored late in the fourth quarter. Final: Magnolia 20, Central 7. If you can judge a team on winning by a bad call, I’ll compare scores: Magnolia 20, Central 7; East Hardy 16, Central 13; Magnolia 62, East Hardy, 0. Your fantasy of Magnolia-Central final would have been 75-0.

East Hardy committed five turnovers and caught Magnolia on their best game of the year. Those young men set goals after last year and accmoplished them magnificently. Billy Stewart inspired Josh Sims. Josh Sims inspired the “Big Blue” and they left no doubt!

As far as mercy rules in high school, they are in effect. In baseball, it’s the 10 run rule after five innings. It does not apply in the championship game. In football, with both coaches agreeing, there can be six minute quarters the second half but should not be in the final game between a #1 and #2 seed.

Your article was the worst case of sour grapes I’ve ever read by a sports editor. Life’s not fair sir – get used to it! No Class A team should have played the Blue and Gold Dec. 5.

– Rich Erlewine,

Witness of over 500 Magnolia High

School football games