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From Lee Harlan

By Staff | Dec 2, 2015

To The Editor,

Four months ago, I lost my ex-wife and long-time companion. Her name was Karen Wright, and she passed away to a progressive illness of COPD, along with heart failure.

After she returned home from the hospital, she was placed on Hospice Care. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone associated with Journey Hospice. In particular, I want to thank Teri, Kim, and Brooke.

Anytime I needed them for anything at all, they were just a phone call away. As difficult and as trying as things were at times, I couldn’t have managed without their help and support.

Journey Hospice is truly a wonderful group with so much devotion and love for hteir clients.

There were times when I was so tired and exchausted and I know my patience got short with her. For anyone caring for a loved one, please know that when the end of life comes, you would give anything you have to still be doing it.

Lee Harlan

Paden City